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Customs Customs Customs

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by goz, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. These are all real bikes, no rendering here

    Will add more over time
    Some of these probably been posted before



    Ferrari engine inside


  2. I wonder how much fuel half of those bikes actually hold.
  3. Couldnt see a couple of those bikes
  4. there will be more u wont see :)
  5. Did u watch senior v junior
    Orange county
    Wild bikes
  6. That Tron one strikes me as very uncomfortable!

    Looks cool though
  7. I dunno Goz, all these 'squids' not really a good impression for the learners, and the one with the red scottish qilt above, yeah the one with the white tobacco pouch hangin out, reckon you wouldnt chew tobacco out of that pouch !! lol
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  8. See the dropkick in the background lol
  9. O sorry i meant 1 on left lol
  10. Would that qualify as plain packaging? Sheesh I'd buy it and chew it.
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  11. No thats advertising

  12. why u looking at that for when there's something looking at you in the face
  13. Enough to get on & off a trailer a couple of times!
  14. Love the buzz bomb