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Customized Honda CT110

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Kelvinc, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Hi all, just purchased my third and least powerful bike ! It is a postie and I am probably going to keep it if and when I pass my Ps.

    The paint is flaking in some places and I was thinking of getting it resprayed matte or satin black. Why stop there; how about some customization as well !

    Anyway, are there any shops around Carlingford or Botany, NSW that can help me respray the entire bike; maybe also remove the chrome carrier and put in a new tan seat? Seeing that it is only a cheap bike and not my best bike, I don't really want to put too much money into it but I would still like to get a quality job done.


    Best Regards,
  2. There's 'Just Paint Me' in Mascot (King St; next to the Ibus Hotel), they did our company car a while ago, pretty sure if you rang them they'd be able to tell you what they can do.
  3. these little posties seem to be the most reliable bikes in history ! Too small for me but looks like a perfect bet for a lot of people for the daily commute :) Enjoy it post up some pix !

    IMO since hte frame isnt overly large how about you do it yourself ? A few cans of custom paint from a automotive paint shop , a few hands of sandpaper etc you would have a decent result as long as its prepared properly :)
  4. I agree its not your main bike so why not do a DIY job, maybe learn a few things along the way. Theres a great place in Girraween that can supply you with all the tools, all the paints, and can instruct you in doing the prep, dent repair, and paint works. Theyve even got free lessons and starter kits

  5. Yeah do it yourself! Plenty of fun, great learning experience. From my experience don't just use rattle cans of enamel- the stuff takes for ever to dry and is too easy to stuff up! Either use 2 pak (paint dealers can mix a spray can for you) or check out marine enamel. I actually used marine enamel; with a bit of prep, some careful spraying and a good buff it looks rather ok! Good luck! Post some pics when you are done, I'm keen to see this beast ;)
  6. +1 on the do it yourself, you can't devalue them much.

    Btw the carrier is part of the air intake so removing it causes issues IIRC