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Customise Kawa ZX10R with 360 Fat Tyre

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by champ, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Hi, I am looking at customising my 2007 ZX10R with a 360 rear tyre, does anybody know of where in NSW I can buy or talk to somebody about getting the 360 swing arm? Haven't been able to find any websites in Oz that make them?[/b]

  2. Your not likely to find a swing arm straight 'off the shelf' to fit a tyre that big to a ZX10r.

    You'll most probably have to get a customized one made.

    There is a good reason you cant buy these pre-made.
  3. Exclusivity?

    Champ, you'll have to go to the street fighter/ chopper brigade to help you out on this one. Won't be cheap, & most likeily only come out in chrome, but they should be able to price one just for you.
  4. Anyone recommend a chopper brigade that can help? Preferably in NSW? Realise I won't be able to buy "off the shelf" here in oz.
  5. When it comes to stuff like this, in NSW, there's only one man to talk to:
    http://www.extremecreations.com.au/ <- Ben.

    He is the man, ask anyone who knows.

    Having said that, I think what you're proposing will look awful and make a good sportsbike largely useless. But hey, viva la difference.
  6. +1 what i was guna say

    i reckon would cost about 1k to get it made and fitted.
  7. ..at least you could save weright by dropping the sidestand.
  8. i can't even imaging how ugly that would look, and how badly it would handle - but hey if you like it go for it!
  9. Don't you like corners mate? :p
  10. show bike appeal guys not for everyday riding....
  11. Gunno look mega crapola!! You wont be able to turn, tyres will cost you more, swingarm will cost a mint and all in all, it'll be a complete and utter waste of time.

    Unless youre one of those guys that only rides a ltr bike so as to be able to say that he rides a ltr bike to his mates.

    Can i ask you to post up a pic of your current rear tyre? Dare i say its cross section kinda resembles a hexagon? :LOL:

    edit: just read its a show bike and not for riding. Still gonna look crap. lol
  12. lol. :LOL:
  13. $1k won't get you a drawing of it!
    A stock, off the shelf swing arm that is made on a production line is more expensive than that!
  14. a 360 rear tyre hey? great idea!!

    why dont you chuck a 360 on the front too. 35 inch rims. it will be the equivalent of a monster truck, but in bike form. and to top it off you might still beat the busas in the twisties :p
  15. Its for a show bike mate, nothing to do with ride-ability.
  16. I've always been a bit puzzled by show bikes (and cars, come to that) which don't actually work.

    Why not make a really impressive lampshade instead? It'd be a lot cheaper and would bear at least as much resemblance to a motorcycle.
  17. Celebrate your difference mat.
    Go the whole hog and do a single sided swingarm.
  18. Make a swingarm yourself. Easy to do if you can weld.