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Customer Service Question

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by DailyCommute, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Hello, I was wondering if people with a wider experience could help me understand if this is normal customer service? Background I bought a Honda N700 Integra (yes its automatic - I am old) 6 weeks ago as a daily commuter bike. Love the bike and it ticks all the boxes for me. This week on the ride home in peak hour the water pump went and dropped coolant all over the Harbour Bridge and through Sydney CBD nursing the bike to the dealer (who BTW have been great). As this is a brand new bike from Honda with their rep for engineering and reliability I rang them to see what the storey was. Is this a typical type of response in your experience?

    Dear Peter,

    Thank you for your recent enquiry.

    As discussed this afternoon on the phone, the Water Pump order came in to Honda this morning and we have placed Air Freight express order which will be coming in from Europe. We expect delivery to our warehouse on Tuesday afternoon next week, so we believe your dealer will have the part by late next week.

    We would also like to advise that the replacement of the water pump, whilst inconvenient is not considered to be major work and does not require the disassembly of the engine. The job will require removal of some cowls to enable access to the water pump for replacement. Unfortunately manufacturing defects can occur to new units which is why Honda offer warranty on their products.

    We trust this clarifies.

    Kind Regards,

    Customer Relations Team
    Honda Australia MPE Pty Ltd
  2. I don't see what your query is about.. seems perfectly normal to me.
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  3. Yeah sounds about normal to me. Be glad they told you anything :D!
  4. As above - a little confused......:confused:

    Is your concern that they are not inspecting the internals of the engine to replace a water pump?
  5. No it's not normal, usually you dont get good news, or that much information or in a pleasant tone.

    Are you asking anything else as it looks more like a statement than a question.
  6. Question ?
    You broke a water pump. And it poured coolant all over the bridge.
    The water pump I presume is in it's own little casing attached to the motors casing...It should be sealed.
    So how did it leak it's fluid.
    Did a pipe let go, the casing crack.............or worst of all boil ???
    if it boiled sell it and sell it fast.
    Alloy does not like to go beyond operating temp. It warps.
    Thinking that bike would have sensors in the box for changing gears. If that fluid gets hot it affects the sensors. Also gets quite milky when it has gotten too hot.
    A replacement box for it will be as much as a new bike.
    But who are you going to trust to show you it
  7. And another thing: N700 INTEGRA?
    I mean, just look at the butt-ugliness:

    The front wants to be a new VFR, and the rear? Well, the rear wants it's arse kicked, frankly.
    Congratulations, you've bought yourself a FrankenScooter than you can't even step-through...
    Are you sure it was coolant, and not tears of embarrassment on the Harbour Bridge?

    Now, where's @PatB for the Honda coup de grace...?
  8. you guys missed it.
    look how many kisses he got after "kind regards"

    because it's a scooter.
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  9. Lay off the scooterbashing guys. Not appropriate.
  10. Cut the guy a break, and Dailycommute what is it your complaining about?
  11. Seems like a reasonable response. Maybe the OP is a little perplexed as to how this happened to his new ride considering Honda's reputation. Where is the Quality Assurance!?
  12. First-poster with a whinge about something?
    Open season in my book...

    Oh and nothing against scooters either. But this "thing"?
  13. That's quite a detailed response, i'd be wrapped with that. Normally you get a vague "we really cbf" response.
  14. Seriously that's great service considering the tone of the email, the part is coming from France at some speed too and obviously some cost to them but why no bits in OZ is it that new or just no one buys them here??
    Hope your ride is OK and you have no further issues.
  15. Thanks all for the responses. I could have been more clear in the question as people have pointed out, it was about whether the response was something normal/acceptable. I haven't dealt with anything like this through Honda before, and it seems the general consensus is that its good. Weight of opinion would say that it is good so that is really what I was wondering.

    The bike is good for me - style and looks take a second place to practicality :) I used to have a Piaggio MP3 400 before I went to the Integra, now that had some ugly mixed into it!

    It didn't boil and the fault was with a seal on the water pump housing giving way (or so I was told). There was no oil emulsification in the engine oil or in the transmission fluid.

    Personally, I am disappointed because its new and this line in the response from Honda didn't really sync with the rest of it. "Unfortunately manufacturing defects can occur to new units which is why Honda offer warranty on their products." Its a new model and I am now wondering if there is anything else lurking. Once something's taken apart its never quite the same in most instances.

    Anyway, time will tell and I appreciate all the time people took to comment.
  16. i like it
    i would supermoto it
  17. Don't stress about it as the email states sometimes these things happen, perhaps an external vendor had a bad batch of seals?, it happens. It's getting fixed under manufacturers warranty just ride the damn thing.
  18. I agree. - Scooters are never appropriate...
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  19. All the reviews I've seen of the bike and scooter versions have been very positive.
    It sounds like a good answer to traffic congestion, practical, economical and easy to operate. Hopefully you'll have a long, troublefree run with it now that the waterpump seal issue is sorted.
  20. I think they have gone over and above what most manufacturers would have.

    Well the general school of thought is to steer away from a brand new model of anything.
    Honestly, your thoughts are like many that aren't quite mechanically minded. The likelihood of something else going wrong is slim, just get out on it and have as much fun as you can...on a [-(