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Customer service makes all the difference

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nobby, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. 2 examples of customer service one very good and one not so good.

    Rang a leather repair shop in Bentliegh on Monday to ask about getting a zip replaced on my leather jacket, no problems he says we can do that, triffic says me, I will call in tomorrow. Tomorrow arrives and I arrange to take a day off work to get down there and drop off my jacket so I can get it repaired for a ride out this Sunday. I arrive at the bloody shop to find it closed, rang number and it went to message bank, over the course of the day I rang and left 3 messages, none of which have been returned.

    Decided on Tuesday to bite the bullet and buy a new jacket, Jeffrey Honda in Ferntree Gully is close to my work so went there, didn't like anything on the rack and walked out with out even being asked what I wanted. Spotted Biker's Gear just down the road and a BIG sign out the front saying they do repairs, walked in and got a quote for $60 for a new zip and a promise to have the jacket back by Friday.

    Friday arrives and so does my jacket, complete with new zip and a couple of minor repairs I didn't ask for but was glad they did them.

    Can't recommend these guys enough, Imran behind the counter was very helpful and I was so happy with the service and the completed job that I purchased a new summer jacket at a great price.

    Give these guys a go, good service deserves good customers.

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  2. i agree, its all about service!

    Bad service = anger, dissatisfaction, bad word, hitmen

    Good =happyness, satisfaction, repeat business, good word
  3. I don't understand why so many people put up with bad customer service. They must think its the norm to be treated like shit in shops.
    I worked in retail for 5 years when i was younger and there were times a manager got the shits with me for spending too much time with customers accusing me of just chatting to them for too long... how else are meant to build rapport, and these ended up being regular customers.
  4. Absolutely agree. I put the VFR in to my local shop for a chain replacement. While he was jacking the bike up, the mech noticed that there was a lot of travel in the bottom link of the shock absorber. It quickly became apparent that the mechanic who had serviced the rear shock for the previous owner had left out the collar that retains the bolt. Gary robbed the correct part from a bike of his own in the back shed to get me back on the road. So, that was fixed at the same time and Gary also put on a new rear tyre so that the bike could pass rego. The total charge was considerable less than the cost of the chain and tyre and this despite nearly two hours labour to fix the shock.
  5. Was it A&P Leathers in Bentleigh? If so did you go down the lane way right beside it as the store is not always manned but Nick is down the back of the building, so you just walk down there and he will come out.
  6. Got to say my local shop team moto virgina gets a bagging, but the three guys I deal with, Andrew and Simon from triumph side, and Matt from Suzuki side a great. Always good service, always looked after and never have a problem. The prices I get now are competitive with the online shops.