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Customer gets an earfull

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. Oh how I loved letting loose on a customer today.... He copped both barrels with nothing held back,
    Result he ate humble pie, apologized paid his bill and with a smile said " so I can bring them back for there next services :roll: :LOL:

    The short story: No long w/end for Bob, doing a customer a favor so his downtime was minimal [ read non existent ]

    He has 1x Backhoe and 1x 25tonne wheel loader ( plus others but there not due yet :?

    Both in need of 2000hr services, which by the book service, is EVERY filter and oil replaced, as well as valves, injector calibration, removing and cleaning internal screen filters etc etc

    Service book est times:
    Backhoe = 8hrs labour plus parts
    Loader = 12hrs " " "

    Both machines had extra work needed as well
    2hrs extra on the B/Hoe
    3hrs on the Loader

    End costs = B/Hoe $2200
    Loader $3800

    He goes ballistic over the invoices even when reminded that he was quoted 7k for the job [ I always over quote to cover broken /seized bolts and so on ]

    So I quietly reminded him that I skipped my long w/end as a favor to him
    DID not charge the OT rate @ 160an hr, just the std $84.
    I asked him how much a day these machines make .......... answer
    B/hoe 990 Loader 1200
    So he will recoup the service cost back in a WEEK, I will loose most of my w/ends OT to tax !!
    I then proceeded to tell him his next services will be done during NORMAL working hrs with no OT ...... yada yada.

    Time for customer to back pedal and pay his bill, apologize and comes back 1/2 an hr later with 2 slabs !!

    End rant

    :? :LOL:
  2. Tell me about it.

    I manage accessories for, and perform basic servicing of drain-jetting equipment.

    Everything needs a service at some point, but these guys never stop whinging about the downtime, or how much money they're losing because of the time the service is taking.

    "It's taking too long! I'm going to lose a contract worth $50,000 tomorrow if I don't have my machine back!"

    "Ok sir, well seeing as a routine service on 1 jetter is going to cost you that much, you should buy a spare one for situations just like this. They're only $12k and I have one on the floor. Would you like to pick it up and pay for it now?"

    "Oh... ahhh... errrr.... when do you think my machine will be ready?"

    "Tomorrow. I'll fax you the service report and invoice."

    "OK, great, thanks."

    *hang up*

    "Yeah, thought as much."
  3. so, errr, the customer is NOT always right, eh :rofl: ?????
  4. Getting a customer to eat humble pie is something I enjoy so much.
    Pity it doesnt happen often enough for me.
    Well Done Rob ! :p
  5. Just as long as you don't call them an idi0t within earshot. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  6. Ya beat me to it Cambo :LOL:
  7. Farmers are the worst.

    I used to be an apprentice motor mech in another life. I worked in a Holden dealership which also serviced Bedford trucks.

    Farmer Brown fires up the old bucket of bolts to get ready for the hay carting season. Discovers a problem with the diff. We go out and check it out. It's seized.

    We pull the cover off. Bone dry. Not a skerrick of oil in it. Remove axles and tow it in. Pull the diff apart and assess the damage.

    Bits have to be ordered in. Guess what - they need to come from Pommy land.

    Farmer Brown is on the phone every day asking where his truck is. We reply stating that the parts haven't arrived and should be in within the next coupla weeks. He gets abusive eventually and has to be reminded that it was he who rooted the diff by not getting it serviced regularly.

    Maybe the farming culture is different these days. I dunno. But back then they spent as little as possible on maintenance and "non core" work. You only have to check out farms while out riding to see rusting equipment overgrown with weeds, collapsed sheds, rusted corrugated iron, rotten wood frames, all littering the landscape.

    Why can't they clean the place up? Same goes for servicing of their machinery.
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  9. Not true ... the customer is always right if that customer happens to be me
  10. Speaking of the customer always being right yesterday my wife wore, for the first time, a new pair of shoes. Anyway, she discovered that the laces on one was double the length of the other.

    So, while we were out and about she dropped into the shoe store (Athelete's Foot) to see about getting the right laces for them.

    She tells the girl the problem. She gets the missus to sit and she checks the laces. It appears that there were two more eyelets that the laces needed to go into.

    My wife was apologetic and was sorry for wasting the girl's time, etc.. No wuckers, she said, metaphorically speaking.

    Thing is, there are people who would make a big issue from this. When my wife worked at Pan AM in customer service and baggage handling (finding lost luggage mainly), she came across some of humanity's worst examples. And I won't say which "ethnic" group was the worst for fear of being labelled with something.

    There was this fellow at the counter. She was dealing with him when he went arse up. Dead as a door nail. Woman behind, a very impatient woman from above not-mentioned ethnic minority, stepped over his body as my wife was trying to deal with him, CPR, calling ambo, etc.. She wanted her ticket. My wife said, can't you see that this fellow is probably dead or dying. Woman merely shrugged and said, "well, he won't be needing his ticket, now, will he?"

    The nicest and most polite person she met was JFK Jnr who used to ride his pushbike to the airport where my wife was working. He asked if he could leave it in their storeroom. No demands or anything. My wife accomodated him. No problems at all.

    When it comes to customer service the general policy is that the "customer is always right". But of course, this can be strained somewhat with rude customers. You need to be polite but firm, never get into a shouting or slanging match and try to assuage their egos. Usually that gets better co-operation than firing back at 'em, which in the end only gets you into trouble.

    When she came here to live she worked for a while at the Dept. of Social Security. That was a horrible place with the staff generally being as feral as the "customers", or clients as they were refered to back then. Dealing with irate pax who lost their luggage or whose flights were cancelled or delayed was much easier than dealing with these people, she said.

    Worst though, was having to deal with family and friends of the Lockerbie victims.
  11. Yep and in this situation you would cut people a lot of slack.

    It is an important point, you may not know what has just happended to a person who enters into your life. Their dog could have died, daughter molested, lost their job or had an argument with the missus. Some people are just rude but sometimes there are reasons for peoples' attitudes.

    Hey you should work at a big telco sometime! :) :twisted:
  12. awesome find mate...this is getting me through a really quiet day.

    being an IT tech, i believe the user(cusomer) is pretty much always wrong
  13. Which is why you have a job mate, if we all knew as much as our IT help desks then we wouldn't need them! Although I shudder when I have to call ours. :grin:

    Ginji I love the site mate!
  14. I can never understand why that is. Sometimes it looks as though they parked the tractor/truck/hay-baler and just forgot to drive the next day. Or ever again!

    Many years ago I did routine maintenance on the air con cooling tower of a building in Southport. It was owned by an old "cocky" who had sold up the farm and come to the Big Smoke. Every visit I would set the 'bleed-drip' on the gland of his water pumps and every next visit they wouldn't be dripping..... 'cos he would go and tighten them up after I left.... no matter how many times I explained that they are designed to drip!!!
    "Out on the farm, we'd jest tighten those gland nuts up a good'n'plenty!"
    was how he explained it to me!
  15. Love "Our cash registers are closed" :rofl:
  16. Havent seen that site in a while. Gold!

    It was my experience that the staff at a large Telco were ruder / more feral than the Customers.
  17. Nah, it's still the same in general. As my grandfather always said "don't shit in your own nest". This is my pet peeve...