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Custom Trippleset?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by boars, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. I bought a cheap trippleset for a project from good old HK and it shipped damaged... :rolleyes:

    As such I want to replace the top of my Trippleset with a new piece, sorry not sure what the term of that is?

    Anyway the short of it is I figured, why not get something a little custom machined while I'm at it - give it a bit of character.

    Any ideas on where I would be able to find a decent machinist that is experienced/reccomended to make me the part?

    Someone in Brisbane would be preferred but not necessarily required I guess.

    Any help much appreciated - thanks!

  2. Ben at extremecreations.com.au is one option although he is in Sydney.
  3. Thanks QQQ, will have a look at his site sometime when it says more than just "pageok"

  4. try the full URL:

    the .com part just hits the first DNS
  5. Classic, I didn't notice the .au wasn't part of the link. Go me. :p Thanks.

    They're completely different domains... I should have noticed that.