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Custom Suzuki GS500 project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by EACRUISER, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Well as requested by the guys at coffee night,

    I am currently undertaking the fun task of modifying my 2002 Suzuki GS500.

    I have purchased almost all the components for the GSXR750 fairings and it is surprising just how well it all seems to line up.



    Will post more information once i make the brackets to make it align properly.

    Currently waiting for the headlight to come from tasmania though, that it will allow me to start removing the original headlight & indicators off my bike.
  2. I will be purchasing some clipons as well in the near future to bring the handlebars down into the cutout.
  3. Interesting to see how that goes - any plans on changing the position of the footpegs too or leaving as is?
  4. That's incredible. What a transformation.

    Did the headlight arrive?
  5. Looks like it's gonna turn out quite nicely.

    I'd rather have the Gixxer750 done up with fairings to look like a GS500. :twisted:
  6. Headlight didn't arrive yet will contact DHL in the morning.

    JD. Will be purchasing some rearsets with the clip-ons. so the riding position will be altered considerably.

    Although the shifter and brake levers don't have any issues with the fairings.

    Here is a photoshop of the paint scheme i am thinking about for all who are interested in what is running through my head. But picture the clipons / headlight and tinted Eagle Screen attached to the bike.


    Also picture the ram-air intakes flowing into the GS500 airbox / Albeit customised of course.
  7. Cool, I'd ruled out buying a GS500 on account of the fact I didn't like the riding position - but if changing the rearsets and fitting clip-ons is an easy mod I might need to take another look at one.
  8. That's pretty cool... Are the fairings for the GS500F similar at all to the GSXR750 ones? Looks cool :)
  9. They are completely different, Although when i was first deciding to do it, the fairings for the GS500 are similar in size to the 2005 GSXR but don't have the ram air intakes or the extended bottom lip, those areas are smoothed over or removed completely.

    I believe that suzuki based their GS500 Fairings on the GSXR's with few little modifications to make them look different.

    The fairing on the gs500F basically stops by the foot pegs.
  10. Well done, I'm keen to know how it all turns out. I'd like to add a fairing onto mine and I was thinking of a GS500F fairing with adaptors. Good jod and I can't wait to see the finished product.

    The GS is a much forgotten bike, overshadowed by the flashier more expensive (by far) bikes.

    Again, good job!
  11. Interesting project EACRUISER. Would you believe I have sort of already done this a couple of years ago to a blue 2001 GS.

    Difference was a bought a complete kit from Brazil that was already painted, with a headlight, clip-ons etc.

    It was a real pig to fit and I didn't like the clip-ons that came with the kit much. I also never really liked how the screen vibrated at speed with this kit or how the guages were still mounted on the head clamp. But that said...

    It looked dam fine :grin:. With the F1 pipe I put on it from the USA it also sounded cool too. I have some photos and will post them up next week (Have to get them from home).

    I ended up selling the bike to some kid who came to Melbourne from the ACT because it was a LAMs approved bike.

    I really enjoyed the project.

  12. RedNinja - Did you have those photos yet??

    Headlight arrived last night will be fitting the fairing and headlight in 2 weeks when i get back from Berri.
  13. Awe bugger, I knew I forgot to bring something into work yesterday.

    I'll write a reminder on my hand a post them up tomorrow. Mine looked really cool when done, so once you've done a paint job on yours you'll love it.

    Will post pic's up soon.
  14. Where are you getting the Clip ons and rear sets? I am looking for some for my 96 GS500, but haven't had much luck in australia.

  15. Gday Anakist,

    Show and Go Motorcylces sell Graves Motorsport Clipons and they are who i am going through as they are located here in Adelaide.

    They do 34mm-54mm clipons check the link to see the type of clipons on offfer.


    They should be able to post a set through to you though.

    The Fork Tubes on the 02' GS500 are 38mm so they have a set that will work.

    Thanks for the link on your other post, some good info on there, Now to find a taillight form a 97-98 Honda CBR 1100xx/Blackbird for the clear lense.
  16. Which rear sets are you using? There isn't any GS500E. Just using the GSXR600? I was just going to use the standard CBR ones from on that site. I don't think I want to go too sporty yet, and I don't know if I will fit on the thing if I go to crazy. I have long legs and not great flexibility...

  17. well James,

    At 6'4" i am looking at the riding position also.
    Long legs and arms are the issue with me.

    I will probably be using adjustable GSXR750 rearsets.

    Still working out the dimensions as to what i will need. (how far back will be comfortable.
  18. EACrusier

    For the rear sets mate start out with a piece of 10 mm ally plate say 100 wide and as long as the current rear sets as bolted to the frame.

    Drill two holes to suit the frame and bolt on then move the factory rear sets to a rough position you want them drill and tap to suit factory bolt holes you might want to do it a few times to get the position you want when happy with the result you can make em again/ polish / pocket out / drill and tap more holes etc what ever you want

    Have a look at the Hyosung 650 range they come standard with adjustable foot pegs its up to you

    Good luck

    PS if you need something like left hand M8 taps and dies for your adjust ment levers PM me
  19. EACruiser: Yeah I am 6'4 as well, and have long legs. The GS500 is the first bike that isn't a litre or above that my legs fit onto. The distance between my heel and knee is bigger than the distance between most pegs and the "lip" on the edge of the fuel tank. Makes for awkward, uncomfortable riding!

    Brucey: That is a bloody good idea! Although our "factory rearset" is a peg, and a non connected lever, so we need to get some proper rear sets to start with!

  20. That is a good idea Brucey, Thanks.
    Will try that with the GSXR rear sets then.

    I have some Aluminium Plate at work so i might use that for the extensions.

    Thanks Brucey, will pm you if i dont have the right taps and dies.