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custom suits on ebay

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by fitryder, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Has anyone ordered from these guys or something similar before?

    It looks pretty good, total custom fit and the design you want! With the option of a back hump ect.

    The price is rather cheap to.

    I looked at there reviews and there are no real complaints about the product.

    So i dont know, im leaning towards it.... rather then forking out 1G plus for other decent leathers and settling for there fit and design.

    Anyone got an opinions on the matter?


    EDIT: link: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Custom-Leath...QQihZ002QQcategoryZ125985QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  2. 1.

    You get what you pay for
  3. What vic said is correct.
    I have viewed a lot of these cheaper outfits and I see nothing wrong with them for a tighter budget. The leather tends to be a little stiffer and edeing unfinished. However leather between yer bum and bitumen is always best regardless of cost.

    Do make sure if you want to order one of these that you do go to a qualified dressmaker or alterations shop for your mesurements. There is a wrong way and a right way and impossible to do your self.(Even for us dressmakers)

  4. ...and the proof is in the crash. Whether it holds together when it's supposed to is impossible to know until it may be too late to find out. While they're probably still better than jeans, they'd unlikely be as good as a A* or Dainese.
  5. The most important thing is in the fit. This looks very good. I own a Dainese and I think that a lot of the big brands focus on marketing. Before buying my jacket I did a lot of research on leather jackets and there were many reviews where cheaper brands would perform better than big name brands. Price and brand name is not always a reflection of quality.
  6. So what's the difference between 2 items of leather clothing given they are both cowhide, double or triple stitched, have CE approved armour, are vented, etc, etc when one comes from BRAND NAME company and one comes from NON BRAND NAME company?

    I mean, cows are cows, zippers are zippers and stitching is stitching, right?

    Why pay $1000+ when you can pay $200? For the image of having BRAND NAME written on the sleeve or leg?

    What makes BRAND NAME 1 better / worse than BRAND NAME 2, or a big company with worldwide marketing appeal better than moderate sized company with a shoestring marketing budget?
  7. Construction is the difference.

    No 2 brands are the same.

    Think of it as a Hyosung V's a Ducati 1098s ;)
  8. Shit analogy actually Vic. Doesn't add anything to the discussion.

    What do you mean by "construction"?
  9. It's a good analogy actually.

    Sorry for spending my time telling you all about it.
  10. Leather is not leather, you will pay more for the leather that is thicker and stronger as a raw material so therefore suit costs more.

    Yes you do pay a certain premium for a "known" brand, generally because they tend to put more effort into the design and construction.

    Cheaper brands will sometimes skip a flap or strap etc not knowing that it is criticial to the overall integrity of the original design.

    So you can probably get a cheap suit that is good quality, but unless you really know what you are looking at you could be buying trouble.

    There are cheaper alternatives to the designer brands such as Collins, Underdog etc, or last year's old model this is were I would be looking for a bargain.

    Oh and go and ask a year 7 needlecraft student about construction pretty straight forward mate. :roll:
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  12. Cheers mate! But aren't you going to buy matching Triumph leathers to go with your bike? :LOL: Now they are overpriced.
  13. A great example of paying for a brand name for sure. Perhaps I can get the missus to model a Triumph bra..............

    Oh, Vic..............I still think your analogy is shit. Making a comparison between 2 differently designed and marketed vehicles is noting like comparing 2 sets of leathers, where the design and function are intended to be the same.

    Next you'll be comparing airplanes and kites mate.

    Sorry I wasted my time explaining that to you :)
  14. Now now girls, calm down :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. I hear they over fluoridate the water in SA. :)
  16. It's because of all the bull shit flowing down the Murray, which is in NSW by the way! :p :p
  17. Is obtuseness a genetic gift, or something you've had to work hard at to develop? Perhaps you could apply your sharp-mindedness back to the original question, instead of rubbishing a reasonable question.
  18. No thanks, I'm enjoying the show :)
  19. Well, despite the site admins attempts to hijack a thread, I'm wondering if anyone else would be able to articulate the differences in 'construction' between a BRAND NAME leather jacket and a NON BRAND NAME, given that leather quality, stitching quality, armour quality etc are taken as being equal.

  20. Ahhh nevermind. A friendly jacket manufacturer (obviously studied grade 7 needlecraft) gave me the following. I'll share with the rest of you in case anyone else was wondering. Sorry if it's a large image.