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Custom seat for scooter Geelong/Melb?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by undii, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. Hi there, LONG TIME no posting for me (side tracking, we are proud new first time parents of a little angel :angel: Cassandra Vienna was born 2nd October :D :D :D)

    Anyway, before I forget! My father in law has asked me to make a post on his behalf asking to see if anyone in either Geelong (preferred) or Melbourne is able to make a custom seat for his Sachs scooter. He has a rather sllooooww internet connection so he has asked if I could do this post. I'll shoot over any email/phone contacts if I get any to him, he is able to contact anyone fairly quickly most days as he is recently retired so he isn't tied up at a workplace during the working week etc.

    I really don't know exactly what he wants, it was way too hot yesterday when we were talking for me to probe him further for more clarification on his exact wants but he will definitely be able to tell you what he wants himself of course. All I know at present is he just wants "a custom seat" for his scooter.

    Anyone able to help out with this has much appreciation and in the mean time, we'll be looking after our daughter :)

    When the heat dies down a little, I'll write a more detailed post regarding the birth and life with our new daughter <3 Hope all are well!