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Custom seat/cushion VTR250 (raise height)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by JZA, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    How can I raise the seat height on a VTR250??? (without adjusting shocker) I want to raise the seat height, say 40-50mm.

    Can the padding in the seat be customised to increase height??

    Is there an aftermarket gel seat or padding that can go on to of the existing seat to raise it that way???

    I am 6ft 2in (188cm) so I look a bit gangly and a bit crampt.

    Are there any other 6ft 2 riders out there on VTR250's??

    Thanks in advance :grin:
  2. I'. 6'3 and on a vtr250. New to riding but I don't really see the problem of the ride height yet. Have seen some fat fellas on them though and it's not the best look
  3. There are a few motorcycle seat rebuilders around who will put extra foam in the seat and a new cover on for you. Shouldn't be more than about $150 tops, I think.
  4. Take the seat off the bike

    Turn the seat over

    Unstaple the cover

    Turn seat back the right way round

    Go to clark rubber or a motor trimmer

    Ask for the pink looking foam (its the right consistency) about 50mm thick (thats what you want isn't it)

    also get some 3mm foam (you will use this to perfect the shape at the end)

    Get some 3m foam fast adhesive

    Now cut the base of the pink stuff to fit on the original foam, and glue it down ( to cut i use a electric knife (from the kitchen (sshhh)) some people use a grinder or something like that)

    Now form the top part to suit your style and personal form, this is where you get the 3mm foam to glue down to fit nice.

    You may find at this stage that once all glue down that the original cover wont go over, so what i've down is gone down and gotten some wetsuit material and shaped that over and stapled it down to the base.

    And you've got yourself a custom seat.

    or you just pay someone to do it.
  5. Hey guys....thanks for your prompt replies!!

    Hughi ~ Wow 6'3, ok I don't feel alone ha! So your legs and feet don't feel cramped with gears and rear brake?

    Hotcam ~ Yes I have seen some in magazines and on the net. I'm thinking about resale also. A custom seat may put potential buyers off but an add on seat/padding may do the trick....I don't know who does these.

    _M_ ~ hey mate, thanks for the detailed advice. I have thought about exactly what you've suggested but its the stapling of the seat down later. So, wetsuit material over the top, how the heck do you pin it down?? Use the similar staples as per the original seat??

    Cheers fellas :grin: :grin:
  6. You'll need a serious staple gun if you're going to re-cover it yourself.
    While you're at Clark Rubber, look for covering vinyl. You'll need UV-proof
    or UV Stabilised (edit: I used marine-grade vinyl from there,
    it lasted about 3 years then I sold the bike with it looking like new),
    and try to get something that is not slippery, or your
    ass will go backwards and forwards, every time you use throttle/brakes.
  7. Yeah my knees are just at the point where they are about to touch the frame under the tank. But the rest is ok. it only takes a twitch to get pressure on the brakes so I just angle my foot out to the right of it (which we were taught to do any way) Like I said though, new to riding and can see myself growing out of it, but for now its great.
  8. Good luck adding 50mm of foam to a seat DIY at home! :LOL:
    Unless you have an industrial machine and some considerable experience, it'll look mediocre at best. To cover such a large seat, it WILL need seams in it, or else you'll have some big, ugly darts all over the place.
    Save your money buying cheap shit vinyl from Clark Rubber too, I have seen cheap vinyl last less than 12 months.
    If you want to really have a go yourself, the very best way to add height to a seat is to remove the existing foam, and add hard foam to the seat base, sculpt it so the old seat foam will sit firmly on top, then glue the old foam to teh top of your new foam. Now you can shape the joins where teh new and old foam butt (with 36 grit sandpaper and a sanding block, trim with a serrated knife if there's a lot to remove).
    Then take it to a trimmer for re covering in MARINE vinyl.
    A 50mm raise is about as much as you'll get, I did a GPz seat similar to this recently, and it's as big as you'd want to go whilst keeping a semi supportive seat that looks half decent.

    Regards, Andrew.