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Custom Screen for FZR 250

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by RazoRR, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Ok guys im actually in the process of customising my FZR 250 and have ran into a hole in my plans. I have seen many FZR's round with balck or tinited screens and i want one too, so of i went to my local window tinter and asked about it and was told about the chemical reaction between the tint and the plastic so that shot me down until i heard about powerbronze. So i went and cheched out what they have to offer and its actually quite cool stuff. They have a screen i want but its for the FZR 400 so does anybody know if the 400 screen will fit on my 250? :wink: I have always thought they would as they seem to be the same size bike.

  2. Unless it says on the label or catalogue FZR400 AND 250 it WILL NOT fit.

    JApanese bike designers seem to make an effort to make every
    single part of every single model ever-so-slightly different so that
    stuff from one does not fit the other. Try EAGLE SCREENS in WA
    or try SCREENS FOR BIKES in Reservoir VIC (in the phone book).