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Custom Paintwork

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by CBRRRR, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. Hey All,

    This is my first post from newish member. Forgive me if in wrong area but i have been desperately looking for a reliable custom paintwork shop who specialise in bikes (obviously :p ).

    I'm in Vic & am looking for anyone with contacts in preferably the south eastern suburbs (but lets face it, if called for i'm happy to go where ever the quality is!) who do great paint work with a perfectionist mentality. I'm looking at getting some graphics/murials too so an airbrush artist would be a bit of a must as well.

    Any ideas anyone?? PLEASE, it's a xmas present for myself!! I deserve it!

    Cheers all & FYI, I have found many a forum threads on here helpful & useful for DIY projects at home. Top work guys, :applause: :beer: :applause:
  2. Marc Houssenloge at Sydney Custom Spraypainting, does a lot of what I see at Custom shows.
  3. Thanks for that, I really don't see too much in Vic these days for custom paint work. Kinda sux but if anyone knows anyone out there who's a good airbrush artist n has a bit of a port folio to prove it, I'm willing to give em a shot....
  4. Steve Ashmore
    Original Finish M/c painting & repairs
    fcty49, 65 Canterbury Rd Kilsyth

    Did a small job for me recently. Excellent, timely & cost effective result. Also, casting an eye around his workshop, I saw many examples of good quality work.

    I had meant to give him a plug earlier but neglected to get around to it...my bad....sorry
  5. House of Kolor or Kolour or something like that are what all the custom guys down here use.
  6. sweet, thanks for the info fellas. i'll head down to the kilsyth one shortly n check it out, sounds like good plug so we'll see what they have to offer.
  7. howdy,
    yea i know of the brand of paints etc but didn't think there was a paint shot specifically called house of kolor. isnt it just a brand of paint like PPG for example? i know certain shops can also get accredited by these guys, kind of like a cert of endorsement but yea, if you know the location of the shop itself, would love to have it.

    thanks :grin:
  8. There is a place in Pakenham that builds custom bikes and there paint looks exceptionally good, I have seen it on the net, but dont know their address, They build v8 bikes, customs, and such, Have a sqizz in the phone book or criuse the net for them,
  9. MOTO ART in airport west are the best. they are a small business specializing in custom paint jobs and air brushing pictures that look as good as a photo. they paints my race bike and does a lot of paint for professional stunt riders. i highly recommend them

  10. lovely,
    just checked out their site, i will be heading there for a chat for sure. HUGELY APPRECIATED!
    thanks for that & if anyone has any further recommendations, please let me know.
    thanks all, :grin: :grin:
  11. firefly creations in northcote

    Head Office
    Factory 1, 169 Beavers Road, Northcote Victoria 3070

    Phone: (03) 9482 6029
    Email: info@fireflycreations.net.au

    some of the best work iv seen.. ever!

    might be a bit of a waiting list tho.
  12. DONE & DONE!
    Thanks a bunch for the referral, great art work & great attitude from at the shop as well. Bike's with him at moment getting painted....2 weeks, look out for the forthcoming pix!