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Custom Painting a helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Super Dooper, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've just finished custom painting a helmet.

    I used enamel spray paint for the job to see how it would look before going out and spending a few bucks on a good air brush and paint.

    I need to give it a clear coat and was wondering if anyone had suggestions of a good spray tin clear coat.

  2. So I decided to pickup a tin of clear coat from an automotive store. I put about 4 coats of the shit on. I knew it wouldn't be the same quality as using something like a house of kolor clear coat, however I didn't expect it to yellow the helmet.

    Anyway here's a couple of photos of before and after. I think I'll get myself an airbrush for the next helmet.

    You can see the difference in the white between the two



  3. awesome job!!!

  4. If you want a helmet to practise your next one on, I've got a pillion helmet that I wouldn't mind graphics on? It's boring at the moment...
  5. Thanks Tracy.

    Hey Yian, that would be cool, would love another helmet to paint. PM me with your details and I can swing past and pick it up.

  6. Hehe! NOW look what you've started! :p
    You'll have us all lined up anytime soon!
    Great job, looks fantastic!! :grin:
  7. Uber cool. I have a matt black helmet, I was thinking of making small stencil of the Australian flag and spray painting that onto the back of mine - give people something to look at.

    Is it a hard process?
  8. It's not a hard process. Just need a steady hand and some patience. It's like watching paint dry. :?

    Basically what you need to do is remove all your plastic parts from the helmet, including the visor clips.

    Then sand back the helmet with the 800 grit sandpaper to remove the shine and give your base coat something to hold on to. It becomes the love handles for your new piece of art.

    Then you need to mask all open areas to prevent and paint from entering the inner shell of the helmet.

    Then you apply your base coat colour.

    Depending on what design you go with, you mask the areas accordingly and apply the paint.

    Once you've done than you need to apply your clear coat to seal the paint and protect it from the nasty UV rays.

    Hope that helps as a brief run down.

  9. So considering my helmet is a matt black, like a rough surface, not a smooth surface - I could almost paint right onto it then? I was thinking of creating multiple stencils, according to the colours (ie white for base, then red, blue, etc), taping up the whole thing bar the stencil - and then spraying, drying, spraying, drying, etc. Once that was done I would only clear coating the flag, with a .5mm extra around it to give it an embosed feel.

    Or am I totally wrong?
  10. I'm thinking that even a "matt" appearance is still a "finished coat" that needs to be removed or roughed up a little ... Super Dooper?
  11. ;p

    good work on the helmet.
    u should go into business :)
  12. I'd say even though it's a matt finish the helmet would still have some kind of top coat/hardener that would of been applied. You would still need to roughen the surface to enable the paint to grip to the base.
  13. Just to let you know that I have sent a PM.
  14. Looks great, how did you go with your AS sticker, or not worrying about that (or shouldn't I ask)?
  15. Hey Tribos,

    Thanks mate,

    Hahah you probably shouldn't ask :grin:

    I ended up just removing it since it was a helmet i never used anyway. Next time though I'll just mask over the sticker and remove the mask after applying the clear.
  16. Hi SD

    I've never had a helmet inspected, and don't know anyone who has. I do know, however, that with my luck as soon as I remove a sticker... (don't wanna say it in case I jinx ya...)

    But I recently decided that I need a new helmet and, so, had a go a peeling the sticker off my Shoei - straight up I could tell I had used the wrong approach. Not sure how to do it (there must be a way).

    I guess masking would give a satisfactory result (perhaps with some sort of border up to the label), not sure how the label would cope with a layer of clear over the top...

    At any rate I think I know what to do with my old helmet...

    Good luck :)
  17. Thanks Tribos,

    From what I've read the best way is to mask the sticker, if you mask it to the exact shape it should end up ok. I'll be trying it out on the next one anyway.