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Custom paint jobs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by iamvinhy, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. anyone got the customs up on there bike? :LOL:

    post a link or image.. lets all have a look
  2. woah .. well worth it :D
  3. Now that looks familiar.... I wonder where I saw that? ;)
  4. Hows the wrist btw? Didnt look fun when you did it.
  5. That's stunning Pat, wish I'd seen it in person!
  6. That is _nice_. I wonder how much it would cost to get that done to mine...
  7. I will be getting one done soon, I'll be sure to post pics when i do. metalic pearl orange will be the color.
  8. Im putting a custom paint job and customizing some of the other parts of my bike i just bought, it got thrown down the road by Daniel, AKA Bladewar, and we are planning on customizing it because we got some spare time before either of us can ride, he has a broken collar bone and i lost my licence, its going to be Kawasaki's Blazing Orange with a Gold Pearlence top coat, should look good