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Custom Paint Job

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by carri27, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. hey guys, anyone know how much i would expect to pay for a custom paint job? it's a hornet 600 with bikini fairing so not a lot to paint. i just want one colour all over - no fancy flames or anything ;)

    finally, have you got any recommendations for someone in melbourne?

    thanks folks. c x
  2. CARRI, you're still alive=D>

    I presume you want Melbourne, so I won't inject my ignorance of the paint scene down there :LOL:

    Great to see you still have your Hornet, how many kays has it done now?
  3. I want a hornet too
  4. hi paul, how u doin' buddy? still very much alive and kicking down here. hornet's still got bugger all kays on it. i commute to meetings in town but weekend time with a toddler is hard. none-the-less i was thinking of swapping for a street triple and ultimately decided it's not worth it but i would like to bling the hornet a bit :)

    u on facebook at all? i keep up with quite a few folk there. best to u and the family. xx
  5. bugger - just saw there's a bling and appearance forum that didn't used to exist. sorry mods. any chance u can shift me? cheers
  6. I'll shift it :).
  7. thx paul x
  8. Hiya honeybunny, good to see you're still dropping in from time to time.

    A ballpark figure to work off (for a naked bike requiring minimal prep) is around the $700 mark.

    Give http://www.sixtydegrees.com.au/ a call or better still drop in and see them, have a chat to Luke who looks after the paint and repair side of things.

    Tell them you know me and they'll look after you. Better still, let me know if you come over to this side of town so I can catch up with you :)

    Mwah, Cheffie.
  9. Hi, almost the same question as the OP. I have a newish VTR250 (ie naked look) but it still has two pieces of ABS plastic "faring" and a mud guard that I want to paint reflective silver/white. I can get them off and take them to the shop so it should be a real quick job and I was hoping I could get out of it for less than $100 (if they have the paint in stock). Am I dreaming? Does the plastic take paint very well?
  10. boy named sue n carri, give Troy a call on 0417563600, has a shop in tullamarine and does bike repairs, paint etc, has all the right gear, helped me out when I needed it.. and he contacted me thru here actually.. Nice bloke, honest, and very helpful..
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  11. thanks goddie, I didn't mentions I was in Sydney. I might call him anyways (and explain that I'm not down there) to see if he knows anyone up here or could give me a +/- 20% budget price.
  12. I ended up putting reflective tape on the front mud guard (down the middle like a go-fast stripe 50mm wide). This matches the grey plastic bits and stands out well in lower light. It is wide enough to be seen from the side too. $8 from super-cheap--woot!
  13. awesome. thanks goddie. i've been given a couple of other names too so will start calling 'round. much appreciated. c x
  14. Troy's a nice guy, will look after you, I sent him a txt when you first asked for help, mention me to him.