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Custom Paint in Sydney. Help!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by philmydang, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, another noob question here, I've tried painting my own bike with little success and would liike to know if theres anyone in Sydney who can do a respray for a reasonable price. I'm not after anything fancy schmancy and I've been quoted up to $2000 for a straight colour change!

    I have a cruiser so there's not many bits to paint - I can't see how it'd cost so much. If anyone can help it'd be much appreciated.

    PS I am in the bankstown area

  2. I have used a company at Hornsby called Collide A Scope, 0416 018 471
  3. Thanks!

    Any other suggestions?

    Also, would someone know what a ball park figure would be in terms of cost?
  4. Thanks Zbike, I'm assuming this is your own company. I just sent you an email - let me know if we can work something out
  5. Mate tell these pricks that spit paint at plastic to get lost with their BS quoutes.

    Google search "aliexpress" and buy a new fairing, shipped. Got my ZZR250 fairing in a custom paint scheme shipped to my door for $360.
  6. Crow's Custom Paint at Beverly Hills, highly recommended. Google for contacts
  7. ](*,) I hate mindless attitude...
  8. anyone else know any good budget painters? suggestions have been good but either busy or out of my range
  9. Mototech
    Unit 1/69 Victoria St Smithfield (not too far from Bankstown)

    My mate swears by these guys and I've seen the work they do there, it great quality at reasonable prices from guys who know and more importantly have pride in what they do.
  10. do not go here. for the love of god. dont do it.
  11. How come? :) I've heard there work is good (although expensive).
  12. My experiance was very good,they did an SS Bevel fairing I fitted to my Laverda,even to drilling the screen and mounting it and thats a right pain in the arse,looks great and a resonable price
  13. heard wrong then i guess. took 7 months to do a 3 week job on the er6
  14. Well they're still 2 out of 3 then, even for you. :) One of my friends has a bike in there for insurance work (InsureMyRide) so I'll see how it goes...
  15. I had my original tank repaired and painted at crows custom paint through insurance and they did a shit job, insurance ended up replacing my tank with a brand new one painted from Suzuki.
    I will never take any future work to them as the work was not up to standard and took forever to do.

    I've heard good things about Mototech.

  16. haha good spotting

  17. well, as you ask. that was for little fix ups paid by cash. REAL work is not their thing especially if you dont have a sport bike or request timely custom work.
    and for the record the reason they get so much insurance work is by undercutting quotes.
    they do seem to like scooters though.
    IMO they were good but the times have changed as they can.