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Custom No Plates Ideas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by s1000rider, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I though to get everyone's idea on interesting, funny, cheeky etc customized number plates that you may share

    They don't have to relate to the bike model or manufacturer (I'm planning to have them on my new 15 S1000rr)

    Letter can range from 3 to 5 letters max (nsw)

  2. [​IMG]
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  3. I have too much money and should give some to uncle greg
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  4. S1000RIDR ??? Seriously though , whilst it's totally your decision , unless you've got EXCELLENT willpower and self-control , I would think having anything on your bike that would make it easier to identify you to the cops would be unwise. .....
  5. No, I didn't mean anything that is provocative or stupid like I saw people have on their bikes such as 2FAST, DBLRR, etc.

    Just thinking about some of the ideas but don't get me wrong... I"M NOT SET on having it on the bike :wacky:
  6. Guy that lived over the road used to have COPB8R - got hassled relentlessly !
  7. oh I know a good one
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  8. funny and cheeky, but not provocative or stupid?

    what ideas do you have?
  9. NoBMW should work for you until March :p
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  10. well he cant use IWANK
    some one else already has that
  11. Saw a great plate on a car that had passed the censors eagle eye. VOLKAK - which as any South African will know, means "full of shit" in Afrikaans....
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  12. too many spaces uncle greg!

    some ideas...

    4 FUN is one of them
  13. As seen around Elwood on an SUV
  14. 4FUN na
    BFREE, na

    DERRO, na, although DERRP is available

    FUNBM is available, although that could be "fun bum"
    BMRRR is available
    NEWBI is available
  15. FKBKS
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  16. Custom plates simply confirm peoples idea of you. Why give people even more of an excuse to kick over your bike?
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  17. I just recently ordered this for my MT-09 my VFR just has my name

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  18. BRMMM

    No, seriously, try UDLSE.
  19. Mine would be PASTIT... allows for the reader to intepret it as they want:troll:
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