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Custom / made-to-measure leathers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lefty, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Looking to get 2-piece custom leathers made up for myself and a mate's girlfriend. Both of us are slim and she's really tiny, so none of the stock sizes fit! :?

    Found a few places - gimoto, tiger angel and mad industries. Particularly interested in mad - has anyone had any experience with a made to measure purchase from them ?

    Any advice in general on purchasing made-to-measure / custom leathers ?

  2. Hadn't known about mad industries before... thanks for the reference. Interesting website, would be keen to know what you think about their leathers if you go down that path. I'm also from Melb and am looking at getting some custom fit leathers as well and their pricing seems pretty keen (assuming the product is good!).
  3. Two words,



    That's all folks ;)
  4. I don't doubt that Tiger Angel make a quality product, however, from what I understand, they run at around twice that of the mad industrie's advertised price. I wonder how they compare with price factored in. I'd be surprised if the "mad" product is comparable to Tiger Angel, or is vastly/only slightly inferior? or not at all? anyone have any of these mad industries leathers which can comment?
  5. cool web-site, though :)
  6. There is a place in Coburg cnr Sydney Rd and Gaffeny/Murray Rd called Delini, makes top quality racing suits and jackets. Think its the correct spelling.
  7. A few months ago, Peter Stevens offered the beginning of a tailor made service for Dainese leathers.
    I gave it some thought and will prolly go back to TigerAngel or otherwise Gimoto for my next set.
  8. cheap from pakistan

    You can get them for USD350 from pakistan. Took a while and look ugly, but got a good fit (long and stringy.) (ibwears)

    armour is rubbish, though - you will want to replace that immediately.
  9. Has anyone bought a twopiece suit (or anything) from tiger angel? It's one of those things I'm looking at for longer term, but I can't find anything on their prices anywhere on the net. Everyone says it's expensive, but never actually say how much ... Probably one of those 'if you have to ask you can't afford it' times :\
  10. "Tiger Angel"
    +1 ^10

    I got the two piece elemental suit. While I was there, I had a look at their leathers - if it wasn't for the fact that I'd look like a beached whale or floundering seal, I'd have bought a set, but alas, as a big bloke, that wouldn't be the right look ... anyhows, I have a few friends who have the TG leathers - and not one of them would go back. I also have a mate who got the Dainese custom - but you're looking at an additional 20% up on the shelf price.

    For the sake of comparison, the elementals runs at 1300 - I saw the same suit design in BMW @ southbank for 2300 ... which is the same price as the Guardian all-weather leather suit TG made (not currently available :( ).

    The short answer is - go into TG (a block down from North Melbourne station) and have a look at their suits, get measured up, and 4 weeks later you'll be very happy.
  11. It's True

    It's true - that's where I found them... and 3 weeks ago, after much looking around I bought a 2 piece suit and in 1 weeks time I expect to be very happy :LOL:

    BTW 1^10=1?
  12. My custom pants were around the $630 mark.
    A custom jacket is around the $850 mark.
  13. A friend of mine recently "tested" a Tiger Angle suit over some bitumen, thru some gravel and then into a paddock. It held up fine and served its intended purpose. Its good gear!