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Custom Made Leathers Vs Off Shelf Leathers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by U4RIC, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Hello all im looking to buy my first set of leathers and i just wanted a general opinion on what is better, should i just go and buy some off the shelf leathers or just pay the extra and get them custom made? is it really worth it?.

  2. Which ever way you go Just be wary of buying cheap leathers. Bought a pair of leather sports pants off the internet for about $170. Came off and they burst the stitching over the knee causing me to now have a nice deep scar on my knee to remind me to never again 'cheap out' when it comes to m/cycle gear. Next pair I'm going to have custom made so maybe the armour won't move so much and basically become useless in an off, as it did. That's probably because I have thin legs and the 'off the shelf' seem to cater for a larger person. If you are lucky the good quality off the shelf stuff might fit you and you can save some money.
  3. Hi,

    Have a look here - http://www.ozmotorcycleleathers.com/

    Great gear and lovely people to deal with and they have the option for both. Very good gear and very well priced against the so called name bands..

    Cheers Jeremy
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  4. You should get whatever fits you well. It should be nice and snug without being uncomfortable, and hold all the protectors in the right places.

    If off the rack leathers do that then you have both options, if not look into custom made. If going off the rack RS Taichi would be my first preference.
  5. Thanks guys any opinions on berik??
  6. Go to a motorcycle shop and try a few on to see if they fit you well or not. The leathers should fit well, slightly on the tight side as it does stretch with prolonged use and make sure all armour is in the correct position with minimal movement. From what I was told, but not sure of it's validity, is that it should fit you nice and tight but still be comfortable when on the bike, not necessarily comfortable when walking around in. The leathers I got, which I only use on the track, is tight all round but comfortable when in seating/riding position, however I have to walk around slightly hunched because it is too tight on my knackers if I stand up straight. I remedy that by just taking the top half off when I walk around pits.
  7. depends on your body shape. I'm sort of normal so I can fit into off the rack suits fairly well. Two piece is easier as you can get different size pants and jacket.
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    I have gone down the cheap route, and I hope not to have reason to report on how they work in a crash :ROFLMAO:.

    My reasoning is simple; I'm a road-rider only, no track days, my bike is purely for recreational purposes, and I ride conservatively on the road. As well I simply can't justify spending half the price I paid for the bike on a set of leathers!

    There's a thread of mine somewhere here called "elcheapo leathers" or some thing like that......
  9. I used to do a lot of miles, and had custom made leathers from Tiger Angel. I have had two accidents while wearing them, and am still here and walking thanks to them, they are now 15 years old and still holding up well - well enough that I can't justify a new set yet. I would rather quality as it is generally cheaper in the long run ($1000 spread over 15 years)
  10. Ok i suppose what type of budget you got to spend? Range currently available on the market starts from approx $200 to $3000 or more. Where do you fit in this spectrum?
  11. Im willing to spend maximum of 1200. Want new boots and helmet as well
  12. Do the boots and helmet have to fit in to the $1200 budget? If so then from what I've seen there is no way you'll be getting custom made leathers.
  13. should have clarified, boots and helmet are seperate
  14. save a bit more and get a suit from gimoto and ozmotorcycleleathers they are only a few hundred dollars more and the gear is top notch, hand made in italy.
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  15. do you really need leathers? I have leathers and good textiles and wear the textiles 95% of the time.
  16. What do you wear 95% of the time you are sliding down the road? Just my opinion - you wear what you like.....
  17. been sliding in textiles and they worked
  18. Yeah i do want them for.track days and such. i have textiles but i never feel completely safe in them. their fantastic for summer days when it gets hot, but i just wouldnt trust them as much as leather
  19. I've got perforated leathers for track days.