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custom made jackets? price, whats involved, who can do it?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mr_roboto, May 5, 2008.

  1. so yeah, im thinkinga bout getting a leather riding jacket made up considering that most ones for sale look gay and i can get one that fits properly.

    how much am i looking at if i get full grain leather, elbow and shoulder protectors and back protector>?

    as a rough guess?
  2. +1 for tigerangel.

    Highly recommended by my leather repairer.
  3. hmm, i've been wanting to get a 2 piece suit for a while now, but finding things that fit me is a pain (cause i'm tall and skinny as opposed to tall and fat that most of them are for :p ) Might have to see what it costs from Tigerangel
  4. Cool, Might have to hit these buy's up to!
  5. Firstly ... I have no affiliation what so ever.

    D.B.T. Leathers
    436 Hume Hwy Yagoona NSW 2199 - map
    ph: (02) 9790 1235

    I dropped in to this shop a week ago. The guy tailor makes leathers and does repair work as well. The examples he had in the shop were pretty impressive. He said $1300-$1400 for a set.

    I know you can buy very good off the shelf for this or less (from the US) ...but as I said it was very good.

    My problem is that I need two sets and the cost is an issue ... even if it is a life long proposition. :-(