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custom-made boots?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cleo, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. Hey peeps,

    Just wondering if anyone knows anything about a place/company that
    can make customised motorcycle boots? Does such a phenomena exist?
    If so, can someone shoot me a tip?

    Cleo... :)
  2. Medal Shoes
    (03) 9419 4374
    160 Gertrude St
    Fitzroy VIC 3065

    Hope he is still there Tony must be getting close to retirement by now. I have had a few sets made my him over the years. :)
  3. Tah muchly, Chris... ;)
  4. Seconded.

    I think I paid $220 earlier this year for a pair of the shelf (random assortment of sizes and styles), which was half the price of made to measure.

    Very cheap for hand-made leather boots IMHO, and the quality is amazing.

    The shop is a bit hard to find - it's at the rear of that address (now a computer store or something) so you have to go down the lane.

    Feel free to drop me a pm if you want to see my pair as an example (as I'm in Olinda too).
  5. Hi Cleo,

    What r u looking for in a shoe? why custom?

    Yes I hav a pair of metal boots which r fantastic & def well made, the only thing is I've heard that the lovely german man out there may hav finally retired!

    i'm gettin a 2nd pair soon with an inbuilt lift from o/s shortly too which is why i went custom in the 1st place
  6. Thanks for the responses...

    The reason why I'm interested in custom-made is cos I was hit by a car in 2001. And my right leg has issues with the "average" motorcycle boot. Hence, I need someone to have a look at my situation, and fit me accordingly. :)

    Price is not an issue for me, as I definitely fall into a difficult category when looking at buying options for these type of boots. I'd be happy to look at your boots, but not sure if it'd help much, I'm afraid... LOL

    so... if anyone out there knows anything about someone (here or overseas) who hasn't retired... and that can help out with making motorcycle boots, I'm VERY interested! Would rather have proper boots than wearing the crappy everyday boots I am now... :D

    Cleo... :)
  7. + 1 for Medal. Tony seemed pretty healthy and enthusiastic last time I visited him at the new location: down the lane. :)
  8. Spoke Medal Shoes by phone just then because I want to get a replacement sole on my boots. Still going strong but not open on Tuesdays. :)
    G is right they are at the same address just at the rear of the building now, down the lane.
  9. Hello Cleo..............

    http://www.bikeapparels.com/ . You can get a custom calf boots from there. They are very organized people. their custom boots ordering process is very mature.

    You just have to send your measurements according to their How to Measure Guide. and thats all. All the remaining worries are their. They give 100% fitting guarantee.

    Must try them.