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custom made bling seat.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Caz V1, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. I am thinking about getting one of these seats.
    I can't decide whether to get red stitching or white, or if I should have some of the leather/vinyl panels done in white or red?
    Way too many variations to choose from on the site, it lets you design your own combinations.
    My bike is white with a red stripe down the middle of the tank, red rim tape and the black ducktail has a red FZ6 logo on it.
    opinions/suggestions please.


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  2. Who makes the seat? It looks great.
  3. Dunno if that's a Metzi but I've got my R6 rider and pillion seat done my Metzi and they did an incredible job so they're worth checking out!
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  5. jeez, Metzi's are done in Sydney, and I'm sure they're cheaper than that, with local support
  6. wow. if theres anything i remember about my fazer is that it had the most uncomfortable seat ive ever had (beating 2 motards and plenty of shitboxes)

    that looks really trick and comfy. god its expensive though
  7. Metzi does good work. And custom work too.
  8. Shit, that looks sweet! I did see a similar looking Bagster seat when doing my youtube nerd researching for new pipes :)

    The standard seat is a nightmare!
  9. Yes, it does, but, at that price, it should be gold-plated!!
  10. Wow looks great, I guess it'd look cool in the Red seat white bike setup yammy seem to hae going on these days
  11. Hi Guys, I am a metzi groupie through and through. They did my seat and I am over the moon with the result. I have owned 2 Corbins, Top Sadlery and Sargent seats on my previous bikes, by chance they came with them.
    These seats are worth between $450 and $700 (I was curious). Metzi charged me $260 for a re-shape and a custom cover on my seat, I kid you not, the comfort alone shits on all the above. I can now ride all the way down to Phillip Island from the Illawarra in one day with zero posterior problems, hop off, pitch tent, go for supplies light a camp fire and enjoy a few ales by the end of the day. The seat has paid for itself 4 times over just through accommodation savings. The custom cover is nothing short of superb quality and craftsmanship, and on top, it suites the bike.
    My Top Sadlery (similar to your pic) looked like a tumour, my Corbin was like sitting on a plank and weighed about 6 kilos, My Sargent wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t that good either, it was also hard. (not as hard as the Corbin). What stood out for me was the service, they bent over backwards for me and covered every detail when I was ordering. They suggested things I didn’t even think about and the seat was back the same week. I for one will definitely be getting my future seats done by metzi.=D>
  12. Sorry if this is a little off topic, but does anyone know places like Metzi in or around Melbourne?

  13. http://www.australiancumfymotorcycleseats.com.au/ are in Melbourne. Haven't used them myself but certainly interested in finding out what they're like. I plan to get the Spadas seat redone in the near future (if it ever leaves the mechanics.... another story)