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custom luggage rack

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by jimmybav, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. have been looking for ages to put a luggage on my ZZR250 but due to lots of different things I have had no luch. I need the rack to mount an RJAYS top box to the bike (preferable over the pillion seat). Cant really see the point in buying a new ventura rack to cut into small pieces so that it can be adapted.

    Anyone have some ideas about where I could get some custom top box mounts made?

    Anyone ever done this?

    any tips at all?

  2. Why not just use a standard rack?

    The zzr has four mounting points (two on each side) just below the pillion seat. If you really want the rack to sit on the seat, get a metal fabricator to make up a frame that goes up and across the seat side to side, with a flat plate on the top to mount the box to. Bolt into the mounting points.
  3. my main reason for not wanting to use a standard rack was that I wanted to have a hard case (i.e. the top box mounted) which I couldn't do with the standard set u and secondly so that the weight is over the back wheel rather than being over the back of the bike altogether.

    I know I sound like a whiner but I dont want to settle for second best on this one. I think it must be able to be done.

    Cheers for the advice on the luggage hooks. It will be a big help for me.

  4. what do you mean when you say you'd have to cut up a ventura rack to make it fit??? Couldnt you just buy a ventura rack thats made specially for the ZZR???
  5. Fibreglass, carbonfibre or carbon kevlar are your best bet.

    If I have enough time in the holidays (Uni) I could make sum up....

    If you could post a pic or two of the mounting on the bike and the top box like push in clip holes or screw holes I could give you an estimate although it could take me up to 2 months to make it depending on how many issues I have with the plug/mould.

    The finish on carbon fibre would be sweet as... :cool: Expect to pay $200+ for carbon fibre and about half that for fibreglass.
  6. whadaya mean!?!?! extra weight further back makes for easier wheelies! :grin:
  7. if you use a Ventura rack the rack piece is either positioned behind the pillion seat or can be turned around and placed over the pillion seat
  8. yeah I understand but even the smallest reack from ventura does not accommodate the mounting plate for a top box and there is only so much security and waterproofing (as well as carrying capacity) that can be achieved with a bag.
  9. um, forgive my noobness but ventura racks do not officially accomodate topboxes. some mods would definately be required. imo, it would probably look shithouse!

    look up 'alu-rack' from 'twistedthrottle.com', i think. may or may not be of use for your bike. maybe even a 'givi.'
  10. if you cant fit all your shit for the ride in your pockets, you have too much female DNA :p :p :p
  11. Yeah.... all racks look pretty dodge...

    UNLESS its custom made for your bike that is...:wink:
  12. he's right, though, any of the Ventura racks will only support about half of a top box base, no matter how small.

    So, go to a wrecker and see if you can pick up a second-hand Ventura (after buying a new one for mounting brackets, etc,) go to a fabricator and get him to cut off the vertical 'hoop', and you'll be able to attach the top-box centrally on the horizontal section.

    see if you can get one of these;
    sracksm. and it will be easy to modify. You could even get the removed vertical hoop welded back on horizontally and support virtually all of the top box.