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Custom Licence plates

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Honda Phantom, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has or seen any funky number plates. I was thinking of getting a custom number plate (vic).

  2. there's alot of bikes with 5 letter custom plates up here in qld

    silly things like "bruce"

    id call mine "betty" and get a custom plate, but cant justify spending $2195 on a numberplate
  3. $2195 :shock: :shock:

    We pay $395 down here which is still a ripoff, why are they so much up there?
  4. To make up the money the Government doesn't make on petrol :p
  5. I was thinking ENDO or using my last name which is 4 letters long. $395 ...
  6. $395? i would rather buy a second jacket, or almost anything else...like 14 slabs of beer.
  7. bah, custom plates rawk :)
  8. They're ok if they're clever or funny, but so many are either lame or totally obscure.
  9. yeah im wit you Vic.. :grin:
  10. Dont give people tips bc if its avail, someone can buy em online :grin:
    I've learnt my lesson the hard way :LOL:
  11. Thats the price for wanting 2 make a statement (using plates) :cool:
  12. nobody does chicken like KFC!
    whats a 2 peice feed and women have in common?

    sorry to the lovely ladies out there but its only a joke ok;)
  13. I prefer custom plates that are in the same format as the originals (harder for cops to remember too!). In Vic, if you stick with 2 letters and 3 numbers (standard style) it only costs $99 (e.g. ZX-636).
  14. They are not custom plates, they are Personalised.

    There is a difference between the 2
  15. Yeah, about $300!