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Custom LEDs in dash cluster - for a 2007 ZX6R

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by tmg, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. Was looking through the garage at dan-chee's blackbird, and noticed he has modified the stock dash with blue L.E.Ds, instead of the <stock colour> ones.

    Was wondering if this can be done on my new bike. sure there's nothing wrong with orange, apart from the fact it's bloody boring in colour, and I love blue anyway. What would I need to do to get them put in? DIY job or should I get the bikeshop to do it?
  2. DIY job - go to the zx6r forums and find some info about it. Failing that you could take it to a bike shop, but I'm sure they'd charge you a premium!
  3. I'm sure if you PM Dan he will willingly explain how he did it. By the way I've seen them at night and they look awesome. Not expensive and yes you can do them yourself...if you have the patience? :grin:
  4. Patience I do have. :) Will PM Dan and ask him.
  5. That site is cool! Looks complicated to do though. I'm no good with soldering and electrics though, so I'd probably get something aftermarket for it, if they do that.
  6. Easy DIY, just take it slow and remember your steps