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Custom leathers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by goanna, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if there was any way I could get a set of one piece leathers made by one of the Italian suit companies as I really want a set of Dainese custom made for me.
    I would even look at some off the rack if anyone has any suggestions of where to go for girls leathers.
    I went to Tiger Angel last year and they were nice but were very heavy and not like the Dainese one's I have seen overseas.
    I am a size 8-10 :oops:

  2. Yes, try Ebay and some of the USA stores. If you know your sizes, there are some good deals st the moment with the A$ getting good value against the US$. Ebay Page
    I don't know Melbourne, but maybe go and try on some brands for sizes and check the $$ difference. Some of the Dainese and A-Star one piece cuts look great on girls.
    btw, could i ask what bike you ride?
  3. custom leather, isn't there a place on sydney road as well in coburg? Tiger Angel are bloody good though.
  4. Thanks Guys

    Hi again,
    Thanks guys, I ride an 848 and love it, I had a 996 previously.
    This new Duke is not only beautiful to look at but a wonderful bike to ride.
    The 996 was lovely too but after riding a new blade back in 08, I was blown away and was fully intent on buying one until on the 11th hour I was talked into riding an 1198 which was great, but in the corner of the show room was an 848 and I rode it thinking I was about to get into debt and buy the 1198.
    This thought was soon to be forgotton as I loved the 848 so much I bought the demo on the spot with a much smaller loan and have never looked back.
    I have worked over time and a second job over the past 6 months or so, but I have managed to pay my baby off and am free of the bank once again.
    So its new one piece leathers time!
    The Dainese just look so sexy and have set my heart on them so thanks for the Gmoto advice.
    I am off to Peter Stevens city store today and hope to be riding home in some new leather.
    I have found a guy who can customise the "off the rack" one piece for me, just in case.
    The guy on the phone yesterday from Peter Stevens was really cool and insisted that I probably won't need to make too many adjustments, so fingers crossed X.
    I will let you know how I go.

  5. Yep Delini ,im pretty sure that his name.Kazz just has a set of leather pants custom made for her there and was pretty happy with the service :grin:
  6. PS have some great looking ladies leathers in stock at the city store. Being a size 8-10 you will be easy to fit off the shelf. If Edward is there talk to him. He is the older guy and knows what service is about. David is also realy good.
  7. Try Delini in Coburg, corner Murray and Sydney Rds. Going to get a jacket and pants made for me later this year I hope if I can get the $'s.