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Custom indicators - plate mount

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by outactrl, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm looking for a set of plate mount indicators for my fender eliminator.
    The problem i have is that i got a set from an online store, (im not going to say there name as they are an awesome supplier of great gear and this is the only bad product i have ever purchased, so i dont want to give them a bad name)


    the indicators i have are exactly what i want (size wise), but problem is that they are not water proof, and when the globes blow, you have to Cut off the amber glass cover, fit the replacement globes, then glue the glass back on, as there is no screws to remove the cover. yeah i know, sux.

    So i'm looking for the same type of flat mounting indicators, pref LED, anyone seen anything like it, but water proof? lol
  2. lol
    what a great product.

    well im assuming the lens is probaly watertight.
    so must be comming in from the back, have u tried silicon/adhesive on the back to stop the water coming in.

    Also maybe try LED globes and a resistor.
  3. That lens will be removable. Try harder, but take care.
  4. yeah you can remove the lens, but as i said, you have to cut it off, then glue it back on, ive dont it a few times already, im just after the same type of indicators, that mounting type, that mounts throught the number plate holes to the back of a number plate, as opposed to the stork type.