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Custom Honda Hornet 600 project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by edgelett, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. hi all - as you're mostly all aware I bought a 1998 honda hornet 600 on thursday. However I want a bike that stands out, so i'm going to customise this sucker to the nines. I've got loads of ideas & might need to ask some questions here too.

    Job no 1 - fix the heavy clutch.
    Last night my BF & I took the clutch cable out, bought some spray cable lubricant & started the job of getting the cable properly lubed up. after 10 mins of spaying lube & pulling the cable back & forth it's moving about a million times easier now!. I'm letting it soak in using ye olde cone of tape method. going to leave it at that for this weekend, though I might start polishing the exhaust pipes cause they're pretty filthy.

    Job 2 - Hugger. I am going to get a hugger for the rear tyre, and as the bike's getting re-painted I'm toying with the idea of getting the hugger colour matched to the bike (i.e repaint it). so I need opinions.
    What would look best - a carbon fibre hugger, or just buy a plain red one & get it re-painted to match the new paint on the bike??
  2. Personally, I prefer not to see the hugger. That would mean carbon fibre if those are the only two choices you give us...
  3. well job 1 is done - the clutch works perfect now. sooo easy to use, took the bike "round the block" on Sunday & it's sooo much easier to change gear. thanks to the BF for helping with that job.

    I've decided, after looking at hornets with colour matched & carbon huggers that the carbon ones look best, so I therefore don't need one yet. I have decided however i love the way they look with a belly pan, so on thursday I'll order one (cause I want it painted too).

    then once it arrives, I'll contact the air brush people & choose one, and get the base paint work done!
  4. Just how custom is custom?
    How far are you thinking of going?
    Something like this maybe....

    From personal experience, customising a bike can cost alot of dough, take a long time and can cause many headaches.
    But at least no one else has the same bike though!
  5. yeah that's not far off!! I know it will be a lengthy & expensive process, but as i can't ride it for 12 months (legally) I figure I might as well make it look like no other hornet in Adelaide...or Oz even!

    I got an extra $1000 on the loan for the bike which will cover me for the first few months of work & then I'll just get stuff as I can afford it.

    I really want a unique bike that will turn heads.
  6. sound good not too many done up jappers in oz.
  7. sounds sweeeeeeeeeeet. keep us pictorially updated, i'd be interested to see how it goes and what you do with it :)
  8. Remember that your local wreckers will be your main source of inspiration and shopping, keeps the costs down as well.
    Show And Go looks like your best bet seeing as you are in Adelaide.
    Good Luck!
  9. well I started to clean my pipes today - after 2 hours, this is the result:


    I have decided to order that "purple polish" that FluffyBunnyFeet recommended to me. while cleaning the pipes I decided to polish some of the other parts of the bike - they were filthy too. I think the previous owner never polished it in his life!
  10. Now how did ya bloody get to that stage?

    You annoy me, you people who can do things well.

    Oh, wait, was it 2 hours on that one pipe?
  11. two hours=1 pipe
    8 hours=4 pipes, not to mention the fact that the middle two are harder to get to.....

    There MUST be an easier way!!!
  12. yeah mate, 2 hours on 1 pipe. and it's only half done.
    I just used Autosol & my stringy little muscles. but it was good to stand back & compare it to the other pipes & go "gee, it looks alright!"

    it got tooo hot in the shed, so I'll continue my cleaning next weekend I think.

    I've ordered the belly pan, once that gets here I'll start organising the paint!!
  13. first custom pieces here

    Two of the custom pieces I have ordered so far arrived in the post yesterday.

    These are: 1) set of Hornet handgrips in silver (they say.."hornet")
    2) hornet rubber keyring (so as not to scratch my baby).

    my other half had a go at me for getting a keyring...oh well.

    I did get a freebie though - paint. A mate gave me 2/3 of a litre of red pearl paint, but I'm not sure if i'll use it cause it looks really purple.
    My BF is going to take a little bit to work & get the guys in the paint shop to spray a small piece of steel for me so I know what it will look like before comitting myself.
  14. Top work, edgelett!
    This thread gave me inspiration to keep my little blue 98 Hooner! :wink:
    I'll try get some pics of it for ya!
    If you do anything performance based to it, get a race can and a 45 tooth rear sprocket. It will keep up with just about ANY 600 on the road. :twisted:
    Daz. :wink:
  15. I'm definitely replacing the can, just having trouble picking which one to put on there.
    Any recommendations?? I'm leaning towards micron at the moment.
    Hadn't thought of the rear sprocket - being lame & girly, can you explain what changing the rear sprocket will do to the bike?

    and yeah i'd love to see some shots of yours!

    I'll be posting updated pics after I stick my new handgrips on.
  16. actually I was looking at the mircon carbon fibre can.

    problem is I want the one that's going to look & sound the best & you don't really know until you try them do you?

    have a look at this site - you can see how the cans will look on your type of bike: http://photos.micronexhaust.com/

    my BF has a micron carbon fibre can on his CB 1300 & it doesn't bother either of us heat wise. sounds great though!

    nice looking bike mate, will let you know about the stickers, at the moment i don't know if there'll be room due to the custom paint job but I'll see...
    thanks for the offer though, will let you know!
  17. Any pics of your little jigger?
    I want to see those grips! :p :cool:
  18. well, we got the paint test piece done - and yeah it's purple.
    even my BF who kept saying "no really, it's crimson" has said "gees - that's purple babe!"

    so no free paint for me :(

    just waiting for the belly pan to arrive so I can head to the paint shop & pick a colour.

    putting the handgrips on tomorrow, will post pics!
  19. edgelett,

    I dont know if you are getting the spraying cheaper, but have you got any idea of what it would cost RRP, because I was just looking at a photo of a Hornet and their isn't much metalwork. :grin: