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custom handlebarssssss!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by eda, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. hi all, im building a honda shadow bobber and the ideal handlebars im keen on are either over in America or Japan [-( and dont ship to Australia! i know, stupid.. does anyone know anywhere that makes custom handlebars? preferebly in Victoria as i prefer to quote it in person. cheerss

  2. apoligize if i've posted this in the wrong section..
  3. I've heard of something where you can get stuff from the states from places that don't ship. The company ships to the forwarder and the forwarder does the shipping. No idea what it's called, who does it or how much it costs though. Also sometimes if you email a company that says they don't ship, they will.
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  4. i would strongly suggest you take his advice.
    note how he has twice as many nods as posts.
    this means everything he posts has been verified as true and correct by at least two separate independant sources
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  5. I'm pretty sure at least half my nods have come from you...

    and the other half came from people nodding my old posts to take advantage of my nodsessive compulsive disorder.
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  6. :rofl: nods all round
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  7. http://www.reship.com/?gclid=CKqehrXYp7ECFedMpgodaDYAsw

    Just so smee doesn't get too mad at us for flash nodding a thread, a google search found this company, they will ship you stuff from the states.

    * I have not used them and have no idea if they are any good, but I suggest you do some research on who is best to use.
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  8. Has this accidentally on purpose become another nodding thread?
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  9. What are the bars you want? Style, design, specs, etc. If you post those up people might have an idea where you can get some.

    Both my bikes have custom bars on them. One set from Ventura (look up Kenma) and one set from Biltwell.

    Edit: It took me about a month to find the bars I really wanted, but had lots of fun searching
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  10. And if you want to contribute something to an Australian business, use
    http://www.priceusa.com.au/ , the lady who runs the service is based in Bendgio
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  11. why not make your own not that hard to do
  12. Do what i did.. Marry an American girl and bring her over here.. Then you have In Laws in the states who, IF YOU ARE NICE to their daughter, will do nice things for you like receiving goods and on shipping them for you :)... Being nice to the Daughter is almost mandatory though.. keep this in mind before following this recommendation..
  13. have looked at all of them sites and aren't really interested in any. I currently have a set of biltwell handlebars on my bike, but as with most things, I get bored of things too easily. if anyone searches the Japanese company 'D club motorcycles' in google and look through there gallery, there is a bunch of honda steed 400s (the website is in Japanese, so I used used google translate when searching. the American company, Legacy cycle parts have similar bars plus more that I wouldn't mind getting.

    I would like to make my own, but I don't really trust my welding skills haha.
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  14. Hi Eda
    Ihave found that in usa a lot of gear is shipped free within there own states. What i have done in the past is sign up with a forwarding agent for a small fee and reasonable freight rates. I used www.myus.com they give you an address.
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  15. "I would like to make my own, but I don't really trust my welding skills haha"

    don't need to weld just use a pipe bender
  16. You do if you want Z-bars or Z bottomed apes.