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custom gloves??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by blacknblue, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Hi all :)
    Does anyone know of a company that does custom leather gloves?
    Reason for the ask is my hands are not the usual 'petite' women's, in that they are long (palm and fingers) and narrow .. great for swimming, but not for trying to find a pair of womens gloves! And small/medium mens gloves just don't accomodate at all :roll:
    Managed to find a lovely pair of Dainese today which will do OK for now, but they're not quite right: the 'wrist' sits a bit on the heel of my hand ..
    Thanks in advance :)

  2. If you're looking for delicate gloves with wrist protection, I actually saw a good pair of Motard orientated Alpinestar gloves at Bikebiz that I would recommend. They really look the biz, are ventilated, have knuckle protection, and are full leather. I currently use a pair of thin motard gloves, but the top side of the gloves are not leather and I was thinking of letting my 'summer' motard gloves go for a pair of these. Anyway! I would have a look at those, they were pretty slender, and unlike most moto gloves went past the wrist!

    Just realised you live in Melbourne so kinda pointless...
    These kind of look like them, but they weren't as bulky from what I remember.


    I'm heading back next weekend, if I see them again I'll pay attention.
  3. The effort to reply with an idea/suggestion was not pointless ... thanks for taking the time :)

    A* were one of many glove styles/brands I tried on today :roll:

    Finding a glove with a "wrist" or cuff is not an issue, there are many to chose from ... finding a glove with a cuff that actually sits on the wrist (instead of the heel of my hand) is an issue :roll:

    My palm is 12cms long, from middle finger web to end of palm/start of wrist skin crease, and a smidge over 8cms wide ... the width I'm sure is not the problem, just the length, which is why I wondered if there were custom glove makers out there ...?

    Thanks again :)
  4. Mine's 10.5cm from crease to web, and just under 8cm wide at the narrowest point- I usually wear an extra small to small (I stand 170cm, so short guy). How far do you want these gloves to come up? A friend of mine recently commented how 'uneasy' he felt wearing anything but full racing gloves due to how short the cuffs were. Could this be the issue? Is it a mind over matter thing?
  5. :)

    I'm 176cm (5'9" old scale) and no, it's not an "uneasy" or "security" thing ... it's just that I don't like the feel of the wrist/cuff seam sitting ON the heel of my palm instead of where it should: at/around the wrist ... it's a fussy attention to detail, through a garment construction knowledge dressmaker thing :p

    I'd make my own gloves if I had the right equipment! :roll: