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N/A | National Custom FEE IMport & Australian Prices

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bluebear69, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. hi
    new to the site

    wonder has anyone ever import a bike from the US?
    i want a ducati 1198 and our price is around 26kAus
    where is US has it for 17k US

    i have no clue but why is the AUS market so overpriced
    and to import sumfin like this would it cost much?
    is there alot of work importing?

    why is the AUS market overpriced??
  2. Same reason helmets and such are overpriced: Protectionism. THe government passes stupid laws that allow a small group of people to rip off consumers.

    Also why cars are so expensive, though their justification is that they're protecting Holden and Ford since they can't apparently compete without the nanny government helping.
  3. Actually the prices are high because Ducati don't allow parallel imports, not the government. NFI are the only distributor that have an agreement with Ducati, and that isn't likely to change any time in the future, given the sales volumes involved. NFI set the prices and pricing policy in Australia. It sucks, I know.

    To your initial question: Yes it is a lot of work to import a bike from the US, and it will take a lot of time. Google is your friend and will help you find lots of information on what is required, or who can help you. You will not be happy with what you find.

    You had better decide if you really want the 1198 or an 848 first though. :)

    PS: Also note that all bikes imported by NFI are built to an Australian specification, in a specific Australian production run. The US bikes will be different, and anyone who services your bike will know it was directly imported. I don't know exactly what the differences are, but they includes the emissions systems.
  4. There's no extra tariffs on motorcycles (or helmets).
  5. No, but the fact that the government refuses to accept established testing protocols from the EU or even the US means it's a special set of certifications that has to be passed, and if you bring it in yourself, even if it's exactly the same it's not "legit". It adds an unnecessary layer of complexity and bureaucracy that exists solely to make money for well connected people.
  6. ok i dont mind that you cant import bikes from overseas cause it may cause issues as explained above.
    some may argue differ

    but why is it that i feel like we are on north korea
    why is such companies have such control over the price
    its not like a limited stock

    this is what it feels i guess when telstra own most of the telcos in the 90s

    yamaha R1 14kUS - 21kAus
    ducati 1198 16.5kUS - 26kAus

    thats almost roughtly 150% increase

    has any officials hi up raised this issue?
    are government putting some kind of tax due to risk safe issues?
    isnt that what road tax is for?

    biggest part isnt there sumfin about over inflating prices agaisnt the law?
    im no law expect but surely there is sumfin
  7. some of us are honest - I just lowered my prices 9.2 % to reflect higher dollar and better negotiations I had with supply and freight
  8. are you a shop owner or sumfin?
  9. @ bluebear69, it's simple... because we the CONSUMER continue to pay the HIGH prices ! Why do we do this ?

    1- We must be extremely wealthy ?
    2- We must be extremely stupid ?
    3- We live on an island completely cut off from the World ?
    4- We don't rage against the (import) machine, I MEAN RAGE :censored:
    5- We are complacent ?

    I think number 5 sums it up, good job we are not at war, it would be over before a shot got fired. The auto industry in OZ in collusion with the department of Infrastructure and Transport's ADR compliancing laws makes it impossible for anyone to import bikes. USA president Reagan famously once said while visiting Berlin "tear down these walls". Nothing lasts forever it's time to allow "grey importing" of motorcyles into OZ to put the POWER firmly into the hands of the CONSUMER.

    Cheers from Vmaxer
  10. 1.) Lack of parallel imports
    2.) Geographically remote location
    3.) Small population
    4.) High GDP
    5.) Strict regulatory framework

    All this amounts to a higher priced end product. Motorbikes are cheaper in the US because like everything else in the US, they cost less to make. Much easier to achieve economies of scale with a population/market which is over 10X our size.

    Also, there is a lot of unnecessary red tape. Then again, would it be worth living in the US over Australia for cheaper consumables? There are other things which you can't put a price on...
  11. @ Master Shake, it costs no more to send a full container of bikes from Japan to the USA than it does to Australia. A Harley transported to OZ from Milwaukee only perhaps 1000$ more than transporting it to Texas. Apart from Harley & Honda Goldwings there are not many motorcycles made in the USA, Japan is where it's all happening.

    It's not about the quality of life or the choice of living here or there. We are getting ripped off big time, 50% + on the cost of motorcycles. Now I could live with a higher margin of maybe 10-20%, but not 50% or more. That's taking the :censored: in my book.

    We THE CONSUMER allow this time warped closed loop protectionist import system to continue to operate. OZ has historically been a rip off market for just about everything imported, perhaps paying exhorbitant prices for consumables has become ingrained in the national psyche ? Brainwashed ? The internet is tearing down borders and allowing consumers to make a choice.....except for motor transport.

    Cheers from Vmaxer.....who is not brainwashed ](*,)
  12. And clearly has little understanding of the economic repercussions.
  13. @ killbot88, REALLY ? Well let me start by telling you that 30 years ago the standard of living here was mighty. But due to continuing World economic upheavals it's been on the way down ever since. Name any industry (other than auto) which has not been deregulated and is having to fight the rest of the World for economic survival ?

    No one in the auto industry gives a rat's arse about my economic survival. I don't see any logical reason why I as a discerning consumer should be held to ransom by a select group of privileged importers in order to own a motorcycle.

    I was living in NZ when they completely deregulated their auto industry which lead to the closure of all vehicle assembly plants. The new unrestricted import regime created far more jobs in the auto industry than existed before and gave consumers a real choice.

    If you are an overpaid dentist and worried about your bike becoming devalued by a wave of imports flooding in, take note I have 4 bikes and stand to loose more than most. Plus I go to Thailand to get my teeth fixed at 1/4 of the price here (make any economic sense ?)

    Like I said before I am not BRAINWASHED, Vmaxer
  14. ok vmax we get the point
    is there anyway to solve this issue?

    i mean back 10 years or so when telstra owned most of the telcos
    and when optus came in to give consumers choice
    things change
    prices were cheaper for the consumer

    but can we do the same about bikes?
    can we write to someone to fix this overpriced hike

    or can we as consumer ignore this for another 10years?

    imagine this (example only)
    you buy 2-3 R1 yamaha for next 10 years

    20k each but true value is 12k in the US
    thats 8k more for each bike
    so until things get betta
    you basically giving some rich guy 24k of your own money
    hey thats another R1 or even a small car or a house deposit.

    all i have to say is man this makes us all look dumb
  15. @ Bluebear69, see this post I put up previously

    Write or email to Anthony Albanese and your local MP (find them here http://www.aph.gov.au/house/members/). I am searching for the correct email address so I can also vent my spleen to the ACCC watchdog commision. The journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step.

    Keep on rocking in the free World, cheers from Vmaxer :biker:
  16. For a little perspective on Australian pricing, the price of a Ducati Multistrada S Touring in Australia is $31,500 on-road. While in Indonesia a few weeks ago I dropped by the new Ducati dealer in Surabaya to see what it would cost there.

    After conversion to AUD the Indonesian on-road for a Ducati MTS was ~$51,500.

    According to the dealer staff the high price is almost entirely government taxes and tariffs.

    As far as cars go, a Land Rover Discovery 4 SDV6 HSE is approximately $107,000 on-road here without options. The same vehicle is about $47,000 USD in the States.

    As far as I can tell some of this is Luxury Car Tax, a little (very little...) is down to higher costs from transport to Australia, ADR compliance etc but MOST is solely due to the fact that the market here can bear the cost. We're used to paying a large premium for non-local "luxury" cars (i.e. anything not Ford or Holden and in some way different from a typical family sedan or small car) and have been since way back when there were large import tariffs to protect the local car industry.
  17. when you talk about our situation and other contries i dont think we have it as that bad i guess

    but most asian countries do this so that you dont congest the streets, our state is equal to 1 city in asia in terms of people.
    try image all those people traveling home from work lol with cars
    good luck

    but image the same if we had everyone on scooters or motorcycle
    traffic would be alot more clearer as well as more parking spots
    i think it would help our situation

    im sure there are many arguments and im not a know it all
    but true concern is import i reacon
    why are we not allowed to provide competition considering the next dude is selling a italian bike
    its not like any BIKE is made in australia
    not only it create jobs for motorcycle shops parts and machanic (always wanted to be a motorcycle mechanic but were never given the chance cuz only few to little shops around)

    i see alot of cons compare to pros

    btw thanx for those links Vmax