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Custom exhaust - VT250C (V25)

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by nathanshnoz, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. I have been trying without any success whatsoever to find a supplier who can get me a custom (louder and more throaty) exhaust for my VT250C. Anyone had one and done similar or have a clue where i can get one? To give you an idea most sites i have been to don't even list the VT250C or V25 as a model! :shock:

  2. Have you tried debaffle of pipes?
  3. i haven't actually tried it yet but i have 3 thoughts on the subject. Number 1 is i want it to be legal and that will not be legal. Number 2 is i don't want to loose too much back pressure and thus loose power because i took the baffles out. Number 3 i'm unsure if it will have a bad effect on the bike or the way it runs, so i am not too keen to do it - plus i only want it like 50% louder i don't wanna deafen myself :p

    EDIT - if anyone has taken their baffles out on a V-twin cruiser let me know how it went
  4. i am pretty confident with the low tech of the 250 that a debaffle won't cause to many concerns. there are very few options for this sort bike as the shape of the exaust is quite unique. i have one in the shed that i plan to play with but i dont know what sort of time frame i am looking at but i will let you know
  5. The pipes on a VT250C are pretty solid, but I knocked a hole straight through the centre of mine with a long tapered bar. It has a much better note now and performance has not noticably altered. I've done about 80000km wiht the modified mufflers and haven't had any problems.