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Custom exhaust maker in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Recon, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Hey all, I'm looking for someone to make a custom exhaust for my Honda VT600 cruiser somewhere in Melbourne, any ideas of who might be able to do it? I would need fabrication fitting and tuning of the bike.

  2. What phongy said, megacycle do good work
  3. Bike Craft do top work
  4. Megacyle, end of story.
  5. About to take my little VTR250 into Ken today. Met a bloke with the same bike and a pipe from Ken and it sounded pretty rad.

    Shoots straight form the hip and a nice bloke to deal with too.
  6. and not a bad bike wrangler either, he used to run a couple of R6's in the locals, but I think he has been putting his efforts into 400cc's now overseas.

    I read somewhere he managed a third on a Honda CBR400 NC29 in his first flog at the Newcomers C class at the Isle of Man TT.

    not bad for an old bloke
  7. He raced a NC35 for a number of years, its now sitting in the shop with most of the top end off it, but was a hell of a bike when he raced it. Didn't know about the IOM stint though!
  8. cheers guys, yep im away overseas at the moment and the bike is in with ken while im away. he was very straight up with me - no bull as we talked about what could be done and what couldnt - appreciated his honesty and looking forward to seeing what he's able to do for me! i'll post pics in a couple of weeks when i get back!
  9. I'm sure you'll be happy with his product, I am, and it sounds great too.
  10. From what I know, he was on top of the field in the Formula 400...very fast rider with balls of steel!
  11. When are we talking here, recently or in the past?
  12. In the past...not sure what he is doing these days. I met him as a flag marshall at start/finish line and had a chat with him.
  13. +1 Megacycles

    ::end of line
  14. reviving an old thread.........................

    Are there any more suggestions? I have spoken to Ken, he is pretty busy but who isn't around this time of the year...

    Just want to know if there are any other shops in VIC doing similar work.

    It is for a Suzuki VL 250 intruder.