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Custom exhaust and re-mapping

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by moogar, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. Totally noob question, but if a custom exhaust is put on a fuel injected bike I understand that more often than note the bike has to be retuned to get the right fuel mapping (to avoid backfiring). To do this, bike goes on a dyno, but to get the right map is any further equipment required (eg: powercommander?).

  2. As I understand it with slip on you will not need a dynotune. If you get a full system then you will need a PCIII and can download a map for your bike or you can go and get a dynotune with a custom map.
  3. The Dyno isn't just for backfiring.
  4. There is also another unit called the Nitro X Fuel Commander.
    Has anyone had any experience with these?
    Are they any good?
  5. Once you change anything to do with air coming in, being your air filter, or in this case air going out (Exhaust) you change the air / fuel ratio. Only way to fix it properly is with a PCIII installed with a custom dyno map.

    After adding your pipe, whack in a K&N Air filter, then get a PCIII fitted with a custom dyno map. The Dynojet machine writes a new map to your PCIII setting the fuel / air ratio and developing a smooth torque curve. The difference in throttle response and smoothness is amazing in my opinon, whilst you will also pick up a few extra horses for your money as well. :twisted:

    You can then either have the popping removed or they can actually leave it. In Melb i recommend Dynoverks in Boronia. Not sure of any others as i have never used anyone else. :grin:
  6. What kind of money are you looking at for the full treatment?
  7. I'm about to get a PC3 and Staintunes for my '02 VFR800, maybe a k&n air filter as well... I'm gonna get Tim at intune in ringwood to do the custom map, they now have a dyno there.

  8. Why is everyone talking about PCIII
    PCV is small and easier to remap
    Just cut out the cat on my GSXR Dyno before then run dyno after fuel mapping was nearly spot on so no need for the PC.
    After riding it around for a week I think might move towards the PCV
    About $500 fitted and tuned (Will had some more HP)
  9. BMC are also really good air filters.