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Custom Decals...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ChrisBurke, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    Does anyone know or use a mob that makes custom decals for race bikes?


  2. Thanks Joe, but Im looking for someone in Australia as I need custom (B Comp design) decals made up...
  3. Try Alan Beavan in Canberra. Think it's called Eagle Graphics.
  4. Cant find 'Eagle Graphics'... and contact details?
  5. Try Direct Print, click their banner on the top of the page.
  6. Email sent to direct print - any others? That specialize in race bikes? Who do people use on the track??
  7. If you've got the artwork set up / or an idea of what you want give us a buz, I run an Edge 2 thermal printer at work and have been known to do such work.
  8. THe banner at the top of the page is for eBay...... what have you been smoking vic? :p
  9. Just had a chat to Foxy (Matt Fox @ MetroSigns 03 9372 1298) who was very helpful.

    BoogieMan, the banner is rotating, if you refresh a few times youll eventually get the one for directprint...
  10. sign-a-rama

    you could always do a yellow pages search if you have the internet :p
  11. Hehe yeah, I was kinda hoping to hear about people that have experience in bike decals in particular, or people that Netriders have used...
  12. if u want stuff like chrisburke racing... ya ya ya that kind of custom, then do it ur self in vectra art- i.e illustrator and just send it off to a sign write to get it printed in the colours you want. if u want actuall hondas and logos then u can either get in contact with someone that already has them

    www.morgandesigns.com i have heard they are good.
    or aghain just make ur own versions of them. it all depends wat u want
    heck if u want some custom stuff done ill do the work for u and all u would need to do is get it printed.