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Custom, Cheap Chinese Odometer?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Mark Gibbons, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Recently started rebuilding my bike from scratch up. It's quite old [1988 CBR 250R] so I'm trying to give it a new look. Yes, it would've been cheaper to purchase an entirely new bike, but I have some sort of bond(?) with my current one. Anyway, question being,

    has anyone changed their speedo/odometer, how'd it go, how difficult, and would you recommend it?

    I found this, and I actually really like the look of it, the seller is trying to say it'll fit my bike easily (doubting that) but still.


    Thing is, it's $65.00 including shipping, so before wasting the few bucks, would like to see if anyone has done this before?
  2. For that money, give it a go.

    What you need to be aware of is how the tacko is driven. and the speedo obviously.

    Are they cable driven or do they require a signal? If signal, what are they looking for? I installed an aftermarket speedo once. The speed come off a magnet sensor I installed on the brake rotor (form memory). The tacho signal picked up a signal from one of the leads. The tacho never really worked properly.
  3. anything will fit if you have a big enough hammer
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  4. I was looking at a chinese replacement for the Hornet's instrument binnacle a couple of years ago, but someone here said he'd bought one and it was calibrated incorrectly....
  5. It's a knock off of a Koso RX1N. Looking on aliexpress?

    It isn't hard to swap in an aftermarket dash if you're confident about tracing wires in the harness and mounting sensors. That said, its easier if the dash unit you get comes with a good set of instructions. Koso units aren't particularly well documented, so I don't image in you'll get any useful instructions with a cheapy imitation.
  6. I'm happy to go with something else, this price is cheap enough to just be a test. I’d go for something more expensive easily if it was guaranteed to work. As long as RPM's/Speed work, I'm set.

    Also wouldn't be installing this myself, so in saying that, are their any companies in Melbourne/Vic who do these mods, including or discluding parts?
  7. make sure it has a switch to run as a 8 cylinder tacho setup as u will max out RPM on the guage at 11 thou RPM. Otherwise the tacho part will only be for show. The speed sensor is of a magnetic input

    go roso

    otherwise all the shit ones are made to run on single cylner engines
  8. big problem with the tacho is that the bike revs to 19 thousand rpm and the dash only goes to 11 thousand.
  9. Ahh. For some reason I saw the CB and 250. I didn't register the bike in my brain. Yeah he's going to spend a lot of time with the tacho in the red or on the stop.
  10. if there is a switch to run as a 8 cylinder it will only show half the indicated revs and will be fine (instead of 1 x1000pm it will be 1 x 2000 rpm on reality)
  11. h
    how many 8 cylinder bikes do you see around? its a cheap bike dash i doubt they will include un needed features. he could piss fart around with resistors and the like or he could just buy a suitable dash to start with..