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custom brat style cb250

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by pil, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. Just finished this for a super patient guy. Starting the SR400 next, will post up as it goes along. Pil


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  2. Very neat, Pil. I like it.

    What do you have planned for the SR?
  3. love it.

    question: how much do you charge (out of interest)?
  4. good job mate, thats 1 damn long seat
  5. The sr will be a flat tracker. Prices as always depends on what you want done but If your really interested we can work something out where I can help you do some of it yourself and I will do whatever you cant or dont want to do. The seat looks long because the tank is quite small, I need a pic of it with someone on for a better perspective. Will post some more pics soon. This is the back view. Thanks Pil

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  6. shame how an adr plate holder/mudgaurd would kill the look.

    i dig it. could use some header wraps thought to keep with the theme
  7. Where'd you score the drag specialists tail light from. I could only find one place in the states and the postage was a bit too serious.
  8. nice bike. Did you do a build thread on this too?

    Look forward to seeing the sr400 :wink:

  9. Very cool.
  10. Not happy about drilling holes in the fender but wat ya gonna do. Pipes may get wrapped in the future if he wants it. I bit the bullet and had the taillight sent cause it was what i wanted for the look of the bike. No build photos of this bike, private build so not fair to post pics until he has seen them, will post pics of the sr when I have some time cause this one is for me but up for sale as soon as its done. Thanks for the words. Pil
  11. Love how the rear fender just "floats" under the seat there
  12. Nice.. very tidy, love the tail light and the way the rear fender sits too..
  13. But don't ask where he got it.