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Custom back to stock - Ramifications?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by tubbsy, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Hi all

    Given that what I know about engines would fit in an ants ear with room left over, thought I'd ask here.

    I have a V-Star 650 with Kuryakn hypercharger and V&H Cruzer exhausts. Just bought it about a month ago. The Cruzers are a tad loud for my neighbourhood and longer rides (for me), so looking to change back to the stock exhaust. From what I understand, the carbies will have been re-jetted for the V&H exhausts and the hypercharger to work.

    What negative effects, if any, will changing back to the stock exhausts have on my bike?

    Much appreciated on any advice.

  2. Ear plugs usually drown out too much rumble and neighbourhood complaints!

    and.. the negative would be Nil as long as you tune to suit.
  3. By 'tune to suit', you mean for the OEM's right? Just wanna make sure I'm not gonna negatively impact the engine. Gots to learn me some mechanical skills I think. 8-[
  4. Thats right.. tune back to original specs (stock exhaust, air filters, jets)
    And, not sure if your asking how to, but I wouldnt go about doing it yourself!

    Just note - you may not like the loss of power and performance once you remove it all though as this would be your negative impact on the engine!
  5. ^^^ what he said.

    I didn't like going back to stock pipes one little bit.
  6. Def wouldn't do it myself. Somebody told me I'd lose about 5h/p doing that, how does that translate to real life terms?
  7. Why'd you do it then? (think you may have told me before already once)
  8. I received a letter from the EPA:

    "We noticed you on Elizabeth Street in Melbourne. We think your bike is too loud. Please get the exhaust tested and provide a certificate of compliance that your exhuast is under the noise limit. Or we'll fine you $500.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Mr Beige."

    So I put the stock pipes on for the test.
  9. ](*,)

    Did someone dob you in?
  10. A member of the public can't trigger an EPA notice - only police or EPA officers can.

    I suspect I was spotted by an EPA officer staking out the motorcycle district.
  11. So it may pay to have a set of these on standby.
  12. Forgot to ask, any idea if a 2004 and up exhaust will fit onto a 2003 Model?
    Was there any change made in between? I see custom exhausts online say they fit 98-2003/4 so not sure what the diff is.

    Can't find anything on the web, and as you have moved exhausts, you may have an idea akaluke.
  13. Sweet F*** All .. , but could also be as much as 10-15!
    The added Hyper + Tune can throw an educated guess out the window, if your looking at the pipes alone. So hard to say.

    BUT..who cares about another 5-10hp in terms of speed on a cruiser!

    All in all, going stock will basically be felt more in the response you will lose... which is the most notable enjoyment when you open an engines breathing capabilities.

    BTW... Isnt a Higher Baffle available for these pipes?
  14. That's exactly it, the noise sounds great, but on longer rides, it'd make for a more enjoyable 'cruise' with less constant noise.

    I've looked for baffles, but no idea if there is anything available.

    This is the inside of the exhaust, so not sure what could go in there.

    Attached Files:

  15. I kept my stock exhaust.

    You could go through here:


    Checking the exhaust part number for 2003 and 2004 models to see what differences there are.
  16. Awesome, thanks mate, from doing a quick compare, only diff seems to be heat shields, will need to do a closer look. Found someone with some to sell, but obviously don't wanna buy something that's no good to me.
  17. Well I did little leg work for you (well more a finger tap)

    Maybe one of these?? http://www.smartpartz.com/SPZVH300CZ.html

    Zpower is another option > http://www.zpower.com.au/catalog/product_info.php/manufacturers_id/14/products_id/3385

    So could work out better for you, without to much sacrifice!
  18. Superb thanks mate! I actually contacted ZPower about a month ago and they said no baffles were available for the cruzers.
  19. stock exhaust = too quite

    you see when the cages dont hear you coming lol
  20. Provided the person rejetted the bike in the first place when putting on the hyper-charger etc you should get it retuned to the stock specs, and thats providing you remove the hyper charger + exhaust. If you just want to change the exhaust and leave the charger you should be able to just swap it over.

    Personally i like to do things correctly so I would take it in for a retune in what ever instance you go with.

    shameless plug: I have a new standard 2010 xvs650 exhaust to sell if you are looking for one :)