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Custom 2013 Speed Triple ABS

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  1. drjay555 submitted a new showcase item:

    Custom 2013 Speed Triple ABS

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  2. Looks great. I have seen this bike in person.
    Hope you enjoy it.
  3. Thanks Ausfox. It's a beaut to look at and ride. TLG have done a beautiful job in customising it. Worth every penny.
  4. Also saw you on Facebook the other day when you picked it up.
  5. Very nice. I'm dying to see how the speed rides. From what I can see it has custom paint, akro slip ons, brake reservoir, bar end mirrors. What else?
  6. The bike is a 2013 Speed Triple ABS. The non R versions come out with different colors. The pipes are Scorpion. Rizoma grips, levers, brake fluid reservoirs, fender eliminator and slim indicators, rear sets, bar risers and Triumph bar end mirrors, rear cowl and black handlebar.
    The ride is very comfortable. Linear torque spread. Plenty of power on tap. Riding position great. Have yet to take it up into the twisties but it will be no slouch. If it weren't so beautifully done up I would love to take it onto the track.
  7. this does look very nice indeed, can I ask what your trade was and what did they give you for it? very nice color scheme
  8. Traded in a Ninja 1000 ABS
    Was good compared to some of the other dealers in Sydney and Melbourne that I spoke with.
  9. thats what I ride atm an 11 abs ninja thou. thats why I asked price wise
  10. Very nice mate. I would like to step up from my street to a speed one day
  11. Thanks Jimbo. I love it more each day ( and in this bloomin heat all one can do is look longingly at it sitting in the garage :(
  12. Had mine for 4 days now and absolutely loving it - can't take the grin off the face :)

    How is the tank bag? What brand - I need something myself if you can recommend
  13. hi Dangerous
    I have two. The smaller one is from an outfit in Geelong called Custom Steel(very compact and handy but no sidepockets), and the bigger on (which is expandable in sections) is from ALDI , I believe. They are both magnetic. I bought if off someone on 'fleabay' for a song. Very handy. I refuse to spoil the looks by putting a Ventura rack on it so I use a Kriega R30 tailpack. Also a backpack if I need to . There are heaps of good magnetic tank bags from Oxford, Motoline etc
  14. Thanks for that. Wasn't sure if you had something specific for the bike. I will browse today and see what I can come up with - sick of carrying little backpack in 40 degrees. Also waiting on tail bag as agree with the Ventura. Although practical, just does not look right.
  15. Nice looking bike dude. :)
  16. thanks Maximus. Triumph is certainly making winners, such as the one you are riding. Great bikes. Have a Daytona 675 with Helibars which is my weapon of choice, but the Speedy also is a bunch of fun. Wish I could do wheelies tho' :)
  17. Looks the goods mate, enjoy! If you're single your pulling power has just increased ;)
  18. Yeah?! Only prob is I like to ride single hehe.
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  19. Looks like you sold it? Saw someone test riding this bike on youtube from parramatta bike biz. didn't last long then :(.
    . About 6 minutes in. Exact same bike, all the extras mentioned and pictures, colour and accessories all match up.