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Curse you petrol station!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ShadowGT, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. Well i've been practicing my riding everyday now. I'm starting to feel more comfortable at 80 to 100kph riding in some traffic (haven't rode in heavy traffic yet) Still managing to embarrass myself stalling it when taking off from a stand still (i might be letting the clutch out to fast or not giving it enough throttle?) but by far my most embarrassing moment so far was when i first went to put fuel in the bike today.

    1. I pulled into the gas station & stoped at the empty pump (everything was alright so far)

    2. put the bike in Neutral & turned it off (still managing ok)

    3. take off my gloves & grab the pump (I'm thinking I might just pull this off flawlessly)

    4. stick the pump in the tank & try to figure out which part of the tank its supposed to point towards (it kept banging into the metal of the tank i wasn't sure where to stick it)

    5. fiddle the pump around more trying to find the sweet spot (at this point a car was waiting behind me)

    6. force it in further into the tank & proceed to get the pump stuck in the tank (picture me yanking at the pump like a tool trying to release it from the evil grip of my fuel tank)

    7. At this point im like Stuff it & start pumping, it pumps for 2 seconds & stops. I try again pumps 2 seconds and stops, i fiddle the pump around again but same thing keeps happening. (what am i doing wrong here?)

    8. in the end i have to pump it ever so gently trickling petrol in because if i pump any harder the pump shuts off again.

    9. Fill it, remove pump (but not without realizing a bit of petrol was still coming out & end up spilling petrol all over my tank) close petrol cap & go in to pay making sure to take off my helmet.

    10. get back to bike, proceed to try to get on the bike from the wrong side, put on gloves & helmet then have to take gloves back off to get key out of pocket

    11. start the bike & go to move it out of the way for the person behind me thats been far to patient. 1st gear, throttle, clutch out ,stall, again 1st gear, throttle, clutch out, stall >_>

    12. in the end i walked it out of the way & proceed to spend the next minute & a half fiddling trying to get my helmet straps done up again.

    13. Finally go to leave the gas station but not without one last stall for good measure just as i try to leave.

    I dont think ive ever been so uncoordinated & embarrassed in my life >_>

    Any tips to help me avoid this situation again (both filling petrol & avoiding stalling, once i get moving im a natural)
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  2. Hiya mate..... petrol station nozzles have back pressure sensors in them so when youre filling up your car it will click off when its full.
    They arent designed for bikes, so what (i think) you need to do is actually hold the nozzle just inside the opening for the fuel tank and watch it as it gets fuller.
    The closer it gets to full take pressure off the er... handle... thingy... on the nozzle and slow the flow down until full.
    And dont put your fingers between the moving part of the handle and the outer bit. Ive done this a couple of times and almost snapped my fingers when it sets off the overflow sensor and it snaps all the way shut. Hurts like hell.
    Hope this helps.
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  3. Oh and dont be embarrassed or anything like that. Shit like that snowballs if you let it get to you and you do more and more stupid looking things. If you stuff something up, laugh at yourself, then get over it and get yo ass moving :p
  4. Thanks mate i'll try that next time.
  5. stop worrying about what other road users think of you.
    and stop feeling pressured into accomodating their impatience.

    seriously, if i had a car like that waiting behind me to use the pump giving me the hurry up vibe, i'd spend at least 15 minutes minimum putting my gloves and helmet back on
  6. i love your avatar btw. am trying to find one similar for me, but would prefer a pink pony.
    i think if all members adopted the pretty ponies we might just get along a bit better
  7. I thought you were in america when you rambled about 'gas station' !!

    what you went thru? well reckon we all have at one time or another, it is a learning process, and as Mt1 rightly pointed out, others will wait!! Just make you sure you endanger yourself or anyone else..
    I used to pump petrol back in the days when you DID have a ciggy in your hand while pumping the petrol!! Ahh the days of non OHS stress :)
  8. Thanks it's from My little Pony: Friendship is magic. If your after pink you'll be wanting Pinkie pie. She's a very excitable party pony


    I can try & find you some more pics of her if you like?
  9. Aly likes pink, maybe she'd take that one up
  10. Did you get off the bike? If not, aside from drawing the ire of the attendant (there's signs forbidding filling whilst sitting on the bike), you're a bit cramped for room.

    I don't jam the nozzle all the way in. It doesn't work b/c of the baffle plate in the tank (mine anyway), which I can see by looking in. The petrol bounces off and triggers the shutoff of the pump. Better to hold it so the nozzle is only just inside, then squeeze gently, but not necessarily all the way b/c some pumps are faster than others, which can cause washback. Slow it down once it starts getting full - keep looking.

    When taking the nozzle out, I twist it so it is pointing up as I take it out and try to wait for a "dripless period". I don't always succeed, but if the tank gets splashed, I seal the tank, then get some paper towel and water and wash and dry the tank to protect the paint.

    Another thing to look out for is to try NOT to choose a pump that is also a diesel pump. The concrete around these pumps is often greasy and can make your tyres slippery. Plus you run the risk of slipping over as you're getting off the bike.
  11. i do like pinky pie but from what i have researched on her thus far, t'would appear she's a bit of a slut.
    thanks anyway, but i need a more wholesome and pure pony. have opted for a beautiful unicorn
  12. Sounds like an embarrassing trip to the Servo haha

    Yeah as others stated, you had the nozzle of the pump too deep into the tank thus automatically clicking it off.

    Better luck next time you have to fill up!
  13. I kinda think I might be a little bit more manly than ShadowGT....

    Plus I'm not in the 90% like Pinkie Pie
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  14. Ive done this many times](*,)
  15. I thought you said you were a Magpies supporter, never heard the Pinkie Pie bit though..
    I dont get the more manly bit, I was certain you were a woman Aly, not unless you have something to tell us?? lol
  16. I think pink would suit Shadow better than me :)

    Hawks, not pies!
  17. You sayin because i watch a TV show who's intended age bracket was 5 year old girls that i'm not manly? hahahahaha

  18. Here you go boys, heres a good avatar for you -
  19. Zing!!!!
  20. Just go around the block practising launching from standstill. Go stop go stop. Less than 30 mins and you'll get the hang of it. That's 1 part taken care of.