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Curry vs. VFR

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spiky, May 8, 2008.

  1. In an attempt to score brownie points, and also because I'm a nice person, I offer to pick up a Curry on the way home from work.

    For the interested among you, it was a Lamb Madras, Chicken Korma, Beef Danshak, two portions of Rice, One Plain Naan and one Garlic Nann.

    Stored safely in the Honda topbox, wrapped in several plastic bags, I begin the journey home, taking care to ride gently.

    It's a lovely evening - I've had a particularly good day at work, the sun is shining and the traffic is light. Sure enough, I find myself leaving my braking a little later, accelerating a little harder. Roundabouts and long sweepers offer an opportunity to remove the last few millimetres of unused tyre and, before I know it, I'm riding, grinning and scraping my way home.

    So, this evening I've hosed down the back of my bike and the inside of the topbox with a pressure washer, and we've had omlette and chips for tea :roll:
  2. Lol, motorcycles for practicality is like top gear; ambitious - but useless :LOL:
  3. Oh no...

    I've safely transported a creme brulee & i cringed at every turn.

    Could you imagine the stains you left on the cars behind you. Bits of rice & korma. :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Very Fast Roganjosh
  5. your bike was literally on curry :p
  6. obviously you were REALLY giving it some curry on the way home huh.
  7. my boyfriend, a fellow VFR owner, was horrified by your story!
  8. I knew the VFR sounded likie something, I couldn't put my finger on. But now I know.... a mixmaster! :p
  9. Nice! I once carried two big soup tins of soup home in my draggin pockets.. lol
  10. hehehehehe - spicy stuff !
  11. Bah... 4 large maccas meals in an Across. No spills. :)
    However, I had to ride quite gingerly to prevent the cups from tipping or popping lids.

    If i'd forgotten, i would have had about 2L of coke sloshing around inside :eek:
  12. So i take it that you were in a hurry...


    Locking your helmet in a topbox on a hot sunny day is not, it turns out, a good idea.

    Don't fancy the idea of pressure washing a helmet :shock:

    How do you get rid of the smell of curry....will it last forever?
  14. LoL!!!

    I once fit 2 kebabs (Mix with extra chilli) 2 hotdogs and 2 cans of pepsi in my CBR250RR boot.

    by the time i got home they where all as flat as paper! told my mate it was sandwich presssed. :p
  15. If it was a curry from my little mate upstairs in Beaumont Street, What a waste best curries around :cool:

    Yes curry smell lasts for ever! :LOL: :LOL:
  16. That's so funny.....

    Maybe flowers & chocolates would be a safer option for brownie points next time if you are on the viffer.

  17. Yep, only beer can kill a vindaloo! ;)

    Butz. :beer:
  18. Bloody hell dude,

    I must've read the initial post wrong cos for some reason, I thought you ate a hot curry and shit ya self on the bike on the way home!! :LOL: :LOL:

  19. LMAO... now bring on the stories of people who have had this accident on their bike!
  20. If you REALLY want to get rid of the stench, replace it with something else. Like anchovies or something more awful. :wink:

    On a serious note, what about air fresheners? A couple of spritz every few hours should do the trick, no? :grin: