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Current Victorian Motorcycle Toll

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. 2005 (to date) = 23

    2004 = 25

    +/- = -2

    % change = -8%

    5 year average = 27

    Figures courtesy of TAC
  2. That is appalling!
    23 riders and it's only half way through the year.
    I am speechless..
  3. Was thinking the same thing . If you go be current trend(sorry , but thats the only way to say it) , then just under 50 people will lose thier life riding by the time 12 months is up . Lets keep it at 23 and prove the stat's wrong.
  4. Couldn't agree more!
  5. I know that there is only so much we can do to prevent this stuff from happening, like making sure our fellow riders are aware of dangers and such, but maybe we could organise an awareness ride that could be held annually, officially with netrider.net permission and support?
  6. looks positive to me since the fatalities are down, though with such small numbers it's not a great indicator. what you don't see is the number of seriously injured riders and the trend (+/-) for them :roll:
  7. Code:
    2005 (to date) = 23 
    2004 = 26
    +/- = -3
    % change = -12%
    5 year average = 29
    Figures courtesy of TAC
    I think the figures might be off a little. It was reported that 2 riders were killed the other day yet these figures don't reflect those deaths.
  8. 46 grieving parents :cry:
  9. I believe the the road toll only includes accidents that happen on Victorian public roads so anything that happens on private land is not included. Things like the people involved having something like heart attacks, syncope etc. prior to the accident are also excluded as the cause of death may not be the impact. I don't know the circumstances of the 2 riders deaths but if they qualify for the toll, they could be awaiting the coroner's findings first.

  10. I like the idea of an awareness ride.
    I think it should be held at the start of the motorcycle "season" when the weather fines up and most of the weekend warriors come out.
    It should not only have emphasis on the community but should also target motorcyclists to take care.
    Maybe get some gevernment backing since we spend the $50 for safety initiatives.
    It must also have the general support of all the motorcycle clubs without the head honchos getting their egos in a twist.
    (I better shut up now)
  11. I have been searching in vain for similar stats from NSW. RTA website doesn't seem to have them and google turns up old records but nothing current.

    I reckon it would be worse here cos we have a bigger population MUCH better riding weather and poorer roads.

    Not that it's much to boast about, I guess.
  12. So I guess we are assuming that only youngins die in in bike accidents, not older, mature riders? :)
  13. Good point, though our younger brethren seem to be filled with testosterone and bravery and therefore constitute an increased risk.

    But it seems that us oldies are grossly over-represented in the stats too, mostly due to returning riders not being aware of changed road conditions and the awesome potential of modern bikes compared to the ones they rode 20 years ago before they stopped riding and started paying off the morgage and climbing the corporate ladder.

    There's a lesson in there somewhere.
  14. Hey there Dan.....

    ...... I wasn't trying for statistical accuracy or even chronolgical accuracy, just making the same point as I made in the "Why risk it?" thread; anyone who dies or is injured on the road leaves repercussions for those who are left behind.
  15. Re: Hey there Dan.....

    that's ok mate - i'm just having a lend of ya 8)
  16. Yeah ok so thr 5 year average is about the same,
    and were close to the average now which i agree is not good.

    BUT no where not even in the dreaded cage fatalitys
    stats does anyone mention the increased useage of any vehical on the road.

    If useage numbers are going up, but the fatalitys are staying roughly stable over the past 5 years, both in cage and bike stats, i'd say where all doing damn good at staying safe as possable?!
    ie: you cant tell me that there is the same number of cars/bikes/trucks on the road today as there was 5 years ago !

    And those unfortunate enough to not make it home, could just that higher power upstairs saying " hey mate, sorry but your time is up here on earth"
  17. The governments of today see road toll as preventable deaths. If the road toll goes down, then their road safety policies are heralded as life-saving. If it goes up, then more policies are floated to try and 'fix' the problem. Bad luck, chance, fate, irresponsibility, the work for the Big Guy upstairs or other factors don't show up in stats.

    You could spend the entire day out riding like a complete prick on the edge of your limits with behaviour that would see you lose 10 licenses, and then you could get cleaned up by a truck pulling out on you on the way home while you're law abiding.

    Sometimes when you're numbers up, that's it.
  18. Yeah and i think the numbers will not be any better with all those SCOOTERS :shock: out there with minimal or no expereiance
  19. Fatality Stats as at 15th Dec 2005.


    2004 = 35
    2005 = 47 [!!!]
    5 yr average 46.

    WE are the only roadgroup with an INCREASE as of the above date.


    Ride safe folks.

  20. Keep in mind though that since motorcyclist fatalities include riders AND pillions, an increase in the amount of two-up riding would also increase the stats (you'd need to look at fatalities and number of accidents).