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Current toll charges in Melbourne

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by SwissToni, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    can someone please provide me with up to date info on which freeways in Melbourne, motorcyclists have to pay?

    someone told me it was only the Eastlink, is that still correct? What about the City Link or Monash?

    Also, if you think you may have gone on a toll road, but are unsure, what should you do? is,there a tel. Number you can call to check?

  2. No charges for city link.

    East link charges half a car toll.

    Yes there is a number on their website.
  3. Many thanks for the prompt reply Wolve!
    do you know about the Monash?
  4. Monash is the CityLink. It's free.
  5. There are CityLink and EastLink in VIC.
    Any CituLink is free (inc Monash where applicable, or any other parts marked as toll road by citylink).

    The EastLink though (which is only used on the Eastlink, unsurprisingly) is half thr cost of the car.

    Hope that helps.
  6. Pretty sure you can pay up to 3 days after you've travelled on Eastlink. Otherwise you can buy a pass in advance either via their website, or ring them. This option might be pricier tho bc they charge a flat rate for a pass.

    Give Eastlink a call to clarify if necessary. I don't travel on it regularly, but don't find it particularly expensive when I do.

    Eastlink is the ONLY toll road in Melbourne that charges motorcycles. City link is free for motorcycles, but not cars or trucks, and Monash (which is just the southern extension of Citylink) is free for everyone.

    Also watch out for speed cameras on Citylink and Eastlink.
  7. Thanks v much Greydog! :)
  8. And annoyingly despite claiming you can use both companies toll roads with one account you can't add motorbikes to your citylink account so I had to open a second account just for the occasional EastLink trip.
  9. True, and I also wonder, since the Eastlink bike account is tag less, but a car one would have a tag, can you put the car and bike on the same account with Eastlink anyway, or would it still be two different accounts?

    If not, and you find it annoying, just open an Eastlink account for both, and close your Citylink account.
  10. That's possible but due to having multiple cars and heavy vehicles on the one account running tagless having only an Eastlink acount isn't practical for us, ie to say the cars, utes and heavy vehicles run tagless.

    We'd have to acquire 12 tags with Eastlink.
  11. Had a Citylink account with the maximum number of cars on it (think it was 4?) Once EastLink opened I closed the Citylink account and opened an EastLink one which can have a maximum 10 vehicles. No need to run 2 accounts. Didn't someone just post in the last couple of days in another thread about riding under the gantry on the white line between lanes and it cant read you on a bike? Going to try this next time.....:shifty:
  12. That's for Sydney not melbourne
  13. Commercial accounts can have more vehicles on them than personal accounts, I've got my bike listed on my small business account.
  14. I just added my bike to my car Eastlink account and it's been fine.

    Riding under the gantry on the white line, you still get charged. Me and my boyfriend both tested this. :(
  15. Close your city link account and just have the Eastlink one which covers both.
  16. It's not 'my' account, it's my business's account, I get paid travel costs whatever vehicle (or bike) I use.

    The costs of closing the current commercial account with CityLink and transferring the current dozen or so vehicles across would exceed the savings made by having a single account.
  17. Fair enough. It's not like they have us all by the short and curlies is it?

  18. You can register the plates of a bike on a Citylink account its just that most of their phone monkeys don't know it. You have to be insistent, their website says:

    Up to four vehicles and four e-TAGs (any classification) can be linked to the one account.
  19. CityLink told me in no uncertain terms that vehicles did NOT include motorcycles and the phone monkey absolutely refused to budge.

    Maybe I should try registering an e-Tag for the bike and see how that goes...