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Current state of Oxley, Waterfall and Gwyder @ Mar 14?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Bumblebeeman1150, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm travelling around New South Wales next week and will be doing the three Great Dividing Range crossings above. Can anyone local give me an update on road conditions? The RTA tells me they're open but lots of roads were flood-damaged so maybe there are sections to avoid, or allow extra time for.

    All advice appreciated, along with recommendations for a cheap motel in Port Macquarie or nearby. (y)


  2. Waterfall, gwyder and thunderbolts were fine when I came through at xmas, I really think here is no way the road will be closed altogether, you might just get a one lane that is manned by lights which might hold you up for a few minutes.

    I wouldnt go into port maq, too boring and lots of traffic, waughope has some nice motels, there is one in the middle of town on the south side, wasnt that cheap. The pub at walcha is cheap and accomodating for bikes as they let you use their sheds.
  3. Thanks VC; that's how it worked out. Lots of road patching but not too many one-lane sections. All good fun.
  4. Did the Oxley last weekend. There are 2 spots with traffic lights installed for road works but no significant delays. Actually they give you a good chance to filter around some traffic if you get the red light. Road is in great condition apart from the road works spots which are 40Km speed limit anway.

    Have fun. I'd have to say that a trip south down Putty road from Walcha is dare i say as good if not better than the Oxley. North is good to but I prefer south.

    Bendemeer Pub is also great accomodation just north of Tamworth with lock up garage for the bikes.
  5. Putty rd is from Singleton to Sydney, which road are you referring to? thunderbolts way/Walcha road? (http://goo.gl/maps/Z6gIf)
  6. Sorry ya Putty from Singleton. Amazing. Didn't do Thunderbolts this trip. Putty had us fired up.