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Curious thread, is anyone here a scientologist?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Yes i know, not another religion/scientologist thread..

    But to start of, scientology is NOT a religion so this is not religion bashing..

    So is anyone on netrider a scientologist??

    Would love to know WHY?
    educate me
    What is your thoughts on Nick Xenophon

    I'm not taking the piss just yet but i am curious, i have never met or spoken to one..

    Or are they to afraid to own up?
  2. Define religion.
  3. th-scientology.
    ..and he loves you!
  4. From Wikipedia
    "Scientology is legally recognized as a tax-exempt religion in the United States and some other countries,[7][8][9][10] and the Church of Scientology emphasizes this as proof that it is a bona fide religion."
  5. Been following this today. Interesting to know how Christianity or other religions would be defined today if someone tried to promote them now.

    So, there's this lady called Mary. And she gets pregnant by some means other than having sex. And the baby is born and proclaimed as the Messiah. And as he grows up he performs miracles. And when he dies, he rises again but is never seen. And thousands of years later, people believe that he was the son of God. And there's this man who lives in this country the other side of the World and he's supposed to be Gods representative on Earth. And people listen to him and do what he tells them to do.

    How, to the non-believer, is that any more fanciful than some of the religions that are also defined as cults? Something about one man's poison being another man's food comes to mind. Another one is about throwing stones in glass houses.

    What is more relevant is why ANY religion is granted tax free status.
  6. A religion which is different to the status-quo, circles around a central "representitive", who is exiled, is ridiculed and suffered from attempts to suppress his religion.... Hang on a minute.

    Seriously though, they are a pack of nutjobs. Jonestown "People's temple" quality nutjobs, just need to do some reading on the "Sea Org" period for that. :shock:
  7. i just want to meet/speak to 1, understand their way of thinking

    with Nick Xenophon,apparently if u mess with the cults name, they go hunting for information from your birth to present and publish all the details
  8. For the kind of person that is turning towards a dead sci-fi novelist, seeking explanation for the meaning of existence, I can see how this might be a problem.

  9. :rofl:

    I'm sure they believe that its a religion, thus you have alienated your target audience already! :rofl:
  10. lol well then they can come here and TRY to persuade me otherwise
  11. Hang on I've read all L Ron Hubbards other works of fiction am I a scientologist?

  12. No, but you've got bad taste in Science Fiction. :)
    I started Battlefield Earth years ago and thought it was pretty second rate (and I normally like second rate SF)
  13. Scientology seems to me to be an expensive self-help club. I could see some people justifying it that way.
  14. Any religion that turns into to nothing but a money making scam has lost it's way. Scientology never lost it's way as it was a money making scam from day one.
  15. btw the Australian government is considering stripping Scientology of it's tax exempt status. ("Xenophone called for a full police and Senate investigation, and also queried whether the Church should be allowed to keep its tax-exempt status.")
  16. Yeah it wasn't EE Doc Smith or Asimov standard I'll agree.
    I must confess I like really bad "Space Opera" type shoot em ups.
    The movie was TRAGIC. Watched about 1/2.
  17. Aren't they the Freemasons?
  18. I know two casually, & they are creepy weird. This is not to say all Scientologists are that way, I know these two were weird before they joined. I think they found like minded people in Scientology.

    But: If it gives them satisfaction & a sense of purpose, then no harm done. You could argue that Motorcycling is a very similar thing for some of us, we have different rules, language, standards, & ideas than a lot of other groups around...

    Edit: & we also spend ridiculous amounts of money doing it! (Tax exemption would be nice hey?)
  19. On 774 talk back, someone shared a Scientology experience. They did the introductory personality review/test. The testee presented the results to the tester stating something like "OMG! Your situation is dire! You're about to commit suicide. You desperately need our help. You need our $12 book".

    The conversation then goes something like:

    "$12? Why not just give me the book"

    "No we can't do that"

    "So your test tells you that I'm in dire straits and could top myself at any time, but your happy to let me walk out of the door to certain death all because I don't have $12 for a book?"

    "Sorry, I can't give you the book".


  20. No .