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Curious how a GP racer, rides on the street?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Manny, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. how big is big
  2. click and find out
  3. im at work penis nigha

    i dont lift nethin with my broken wrist so im temp adminM<:

  4. Agreed very ballsy but stupid acts.
    That tlr was a pig to steer.
    Like Marty said are these guys still alive?
    BTW didn't those speeds look a lot faster than that supposed 300kmh zx10 film posted a few days ago and I bet these guys didn't do 300 kmh.
  5. very cool vid though, more 'moxie' than me to do some of that stuff. At least I know how to ride back from Phillip Island now. :LOL:
  6. In my experience, top whack road racers don't ride on the streets at all, for a number of reasons.
    Firstly, they have all sorts of insurance issues relating to their contract
    Secondly, they find it hard to slow down their speed enough to be safe on the road
    Thirdly, they are so busy wih testing, fulfilling sponsor requirements, etc, that they simply don't get time.
    It's an unfortunate fact, but many excellent racers came to a sudden and tragic end riding on the road and few these days will risk it.
  7. And me too marty
    My point was that road racers find it hard to adapt to the street for a whole heap of reasons.
    Carl Hammersley, for example, was a super rider from South Australia back in the late 1970's. he'd won Bathurst and even a couple of Australian championships if I recall, but he was riding a road bike up in the Adelaide Hills one weekend and rode off, forgetting that the bike had a side stand. It dug into the road on the first left hand corner and speared him onto the wrong side of the road and he was killed. It was so sad, because it shouldn't have happened.
    Race bikes don't have side stands, and he was used to them..
  8. I personally know a couple of racers who've won Australian titles. One's still into bikes and has a local Kawasaki dealership. The other has been retired for a long time. He never had a road licence and had one bike that was unregistered. Used to do Licola-Heyfield as a "training run" in some amazing times. Hasn't touched a bike since retirement.
  9. this is a bit scary isn't it ? :shock::shock::shock:
  10. the 1st part of that footage i didnt recognize, but get after getting into it a bit, i found it was all mostly from the FAST BIKES "show 2" DVD and all the riders were over the channel in France testing bikes for the Fast Bikes Magazine, so they are mostly Bike journo's, NOT GP RACERS on the road.

    ive got dvd copies of "show 2" and "show 4" would like the others in the series, those dudes really can ride.
  11. yeah still they crash.
  12. Yeah, it says that at the end of the video and lists the "cast of crazies" including the fellow who crashed at the end and others inc. Byrne..

    Be interesting to see if any of those names pop up in bike mags such as AMCN with regards to tests like "Master Bike".
  13. Irrisponsible, Reckless, Stupid and Dangerous.

    Top Stuff :applause: