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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by mase250, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. odd question. :?

    Hyosung GTR 250

    Engine type: V2
    Stroke: 4
    Power: 27.49 HP (20.1 kW)) @ 10250 RPM
    Torque: 21.04 Nm (2.1 kgf-m or 15.5 ft.lbs) @ 7500 RPM
    Dry weight: 155.0 kg (341.7 pounds)
    Top speed: 140.0 km/h (87.0 mph)
    Power/weight ratio: 0.1774 HP/kg

    can it do a wheelie? :p
    only curiosity. :D
  2. With a stong application of throttle and a rapid release of the clutch then yes it can! Or you could stand up on the pegs first and then you won't require to punish the clutch as much, however, it will require a much greater balance skill level

    On a serious note however i would strongly reccommend that you DO NOT try a wheelie on a fully faired learners bike, especially since it sounds like your a noob, as you will most likely bin it.
  3. Wouldnt dare,
    Just been reading around and alot of people were saying its nearly impossible on a 4 stroke 250, but easy on a 2 stroke.

    As my friend has a 2 stroke he makes sure to remind me that mines made in korea, and cuz i wont attempt a wheelie he rekons it cant do one. =p

    just wanted to prove him wrong
  4. I have a video clip of a GPX250 doing a wheelie that goes for about 50metres!! Trust me it can be done!!! I have lifted the front wheel of my ZZR about 2 feet in the air purely by accident during a slightly spirited take-off from the lights!
  5. thingk i just found that video =p

    he did it way to easy, it has to have been modded.
  6. You could even ride it around your local Supercross track but why would you want to?

    If you are talking about "lifting" the front wheel it will do it, but a fair dinkum wheelie it wont. Not stock anyway.
  7. it will wheelie , but maybe not all the way to 12 oclock ,, but you can get just about any bike wheel a few inchs of the ground if you have the skill.
    ( i try but lack skill) :LOL:
  8. Top speed of just 140 klicks? Is that right?
  9. Just replace the rear sprocket with something the size of a dish plate, then you'd struggle to keep the front wheel on the ground :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Not to mention the inability to get the thing up to 100 clicks.
  10. Having seen a K1200LT BMW on its rear wheel for 100 metres, I'd have to say that anything can be wheelied
  11.  Top
  12. I can definitely confirm that the Hyosung Comet 250 can wheelie... therefore assuming the GT S&R are mostly the same, i'd say they'd wheelie aswell.

    I found out first hand on a test ride after letting the clutch slip and giving a few revs, up goes the front for atleast half the intersection (maybe only 4-6" up but it went up!). Reason i let the revs fly and the clutch go was cos i was used to test riding inline 4 mosquito's and was just riding by sound and feel. ;) 8) :LOL:

    I survived, and so did the bike.
    As for the clutch... ah well, it was a test ride machine anyway. :twisted:
  13. I'm sure it'll do more. I'll let you know on Sunday after I get back from a trackday at the creek. I've had mine up to 130km/h really easily without even trying much.

  14. Your mate just wants you to crash your bike at worst, or damage your steering head bearings at least, so he can slag off at your bike. Ignore him and enjoy your bike, and, like Josh said, get used to riding normally, proper lines in corners, etc, before trying the funny stuff.
    The best way to treat some people is just to ignore them, it gets them real mad! :LOL:
  15. or don't answer there questions because they are to embarrassed from what they have said and don’t have the guts to admit they were wrong as well :LOL:

    Cheers 8)
  16. that's THEIR questions, but I'm sure you knew that :LOL:
  17. its a question of physics my dear friend ...anything will do a wheelie with a bag of cement on the gear rack and your butt on top of it ....just dont forget to tie the bag of cement to a peice of rope so you can stop when done :LOL:
  18. A friend of mine can wheelie anything.... He has wheelied everything from vespa scooters (no only did he wheelie it, he wheelied it around a round-a-bout) to my GPX, to VFR400's to pretty much anything he has ever been on...

    So yes.... You can do it.... If I can pull a small wheelie on my GPX you can probably do it on your bike...

    Would I recomend you trying it? No...