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VIC 'Cupcakes' acquited after fatal collision

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by OU818, Jan 14, 2010.

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    From The Age


  2. This was the 'u-turn in the fog' incident?
  3. Outstanding. Throw the book at her, and don't goddamned miss.

  4. That would be the one, yes.
  5. Burn her at the stake in public
  6. Bout fcuking time.
  7. Police officers are NEVER off duty...

  8. Oh they are "off duty " when they screw up and the media pr person spins it

    but when it comes to handing out infringement notices then they are never off duty
  9. I am pleased to see progress has been made. I drive that road often, and think of that crash every time I pass the area where it happened.

    I was concerned it would be filed away silently.

    I know where the collision occurred and it was definitely an unsafe spot. Far less safe than where I was pulled over and fined for a u-turn on a clear but damp day on the same road.
  10. Hence my burn at the stake comment
  11. Hope some riders turn up and sit in the gallery in their riding gear.

  12. Oooooooooh. I'll have to consider this. =D>
  13. The news report I heard said she had been charged with Dangerous Driving causing death and others. That is the appropriate offence. Culpable Driving is only used in circumstances where there is 'Gross negligence' or significant alcohol impairment. Where there is only a breach of a traffic law that causes death, such as disobey a Stop sign, perform unsafe u-turn etc. Culpable Driving does not apply (due to case law) and the other charge of Dangerous Driving causing death was introduced some years ago to cover this 'gap'. She has been charged with the maximum offences applicable.
  14. Was told down the street today that the policewoman and rider were family friends. It was her that informed the family of the accident. Don't know the family myself, just word of mouth in town.
  15. especially when it comes to their own speeding tickets
    75% of speeding cops had their tickets dropped, according to an article in last years Telegraph
  16. "75% of speeding cops had their tickets dropped, according to an article in last years Telegraph"

    That's not surprising. They were most likely acting in the course of their duties. See Road Rule 305.
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  17. Hope this is good enough for you? Obviously your search function is not working?

    I work in the legal system and am fully qualified and have considerable experience in the field of Culpable Driving. I could explain it further and quote case law but I would be wasting my time. If you feel you are better qualified then blaze away!

    Actually I would but I don't plan to argue with you! Speaking of which are you always such an argumentative prick?
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  18. I understand the sentiment, but it's misplaced. It could have been a car or a truck that collided with her ill performed u turn... it unfortunately was a motorbike instead.

    Dave, you'll find ISCN will respect evidence based robust discussion - and yes, he enjoys a good robust discussion, especially on matters of law. It's actually pretty educational.

  19. So her stupidity COULD have ended with someone just being injured instead of dead… but it didn't.
  20. Well yes.

    Sure turn up to the court case in gear if you like, but as a show of support to the downed fellow rider, not as some vigilante move against the copper. She didn't pull a uturn on purpose to collide with the rider.