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Cup day ride 03-11-09

Discussion in 'VIC' started by PNUCKLE, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. if only you'd drop it down to Level 3...8-[
  2. Im there. My bikes been running nice since that chain tighten thanks Keith. No more "L" plate on this CB 400 either. Ive never been down that way and it sounds like a great challenge. Id choose riding my 53 horses over watching 1 and getting pissed any day.

    Im a freshy akaLuke so dont worry, its a great experience and youll be in good hands.
  3. bah, got an appointment at 10 that i really cant miss.

    have fun and stay safe guys :)
  4. I am sort of interested, but I am no speed demon, and don;'t want to hold people up either. But I can ride at limits and have ridden with Luke before.
  5. Mobil at 9am sounds great.
  6. see who ever is coming there:biker:
  7. Enjoy. Can't make it. I'll do the night ride though.
  8. see you there at 9
  9. The addict analogy just grew balls eh. My thoughts are with you Luke. Take it easy
    Lots of ice packs and panodol mate.

    Keith, another great route, but I'm sure no-one expected THAT much wind!
  10. Home safe and sound.

    Thanks heaps for the support today everyone.

    At the moment, it's my damaged pride that hurts the most.

    Tomorrow it'll be the ankle, the bike, my gear...

    A cheap lesson though. Very cheap.

    I'm now going to jump in the bath, with elevated foot and ice pack.

    Thanks again...

    BTW - Still an awesome ride.
  11. You alright mate? Your pride and joy isn't too banged up is she??
  12. Yeah - I'm OK Josh.
    Bit sore.
    Bike is worse for wear.
    At least it's insured.

    I guess I'll post something about it later.
    Gonna grab some dinner and put my ankle up.
  13. Bummer dude. Heal up fast mate.
  14. Sorry to hear about what happened Luke. Hope you're ok.
  15. Wow, what a ride today.

    That was definitely the most challenging ride ive ever been on. I learnt a lot today and realize how much i still have to learn. That wind was insane.

    I had a very brief off road experience and had to put a foot down today for the first time. I was very lucky. Sorry to hear about your incident Luke but im glad you got home ok and pulled up alright. It was definitely a tough ride today. Some of those gravel and moss patches were a bit of a worry.

    Big thanks to Keith and Darren (front and back). It was great to meet all the riders today too. Some nice bikes indeed! Good company as usual.

    Nath, did you intentionally keep heading up north or did you just miss the turn off to the city like i did when the final group split up? After i realized i did the next U turn and i was on the way back to the city. I was thinking you should of been heading that way too yeah? (M1 Princess Hwy). Hope you got home ok mate, i got home with 1 drop of fuel left.

    Well i guess its time to invest in some boots and leather pants if im going to keep going on these rides, but after a new set of tires first (y)

    Id be stuffed with out you guys, (bald splitting tires and loose chain rider here)

    Good one guys and gals,

    Until next time, ride safe.
  16. + 1000 Luke , hope you have a speedy recovery .
  17. nice to see it was a 9.30 sharp leave time......was good to see a couple of you blokes at the mobil, sorry i couldn't make the ride, looked like a big turnout ](*,)
  18. Thanks for the well wishes everyone.
    I'm pretty good considering.


    Where the @#$% were we when I came off (road/town)?
    Any one know what time it was?
  19. NFI!!!

    When I go TEC I almost go to sleep... I think it was a tuesday?? hehe... Bamm Bamm might know...